Lakers Are Favored Next Year

It’s never too early to start thinking about next season. According to (sorry I couldn’t find next seasons odds on your site), the extremely soft Los Angeles Lakers are 2-1 favorites to win the NBA championship. The mighty Celtics are second at 4-1. Say what? Is Andrew Bynum really enough to turn a series between these teams? Will Ray and KG suddenly look old? Here are the favorites….

  • Lakers 2-1
  • Celtics 4-1
  • Spurs 8-1
  • Pistons 10-1
  • Hornets 15-1
  • Suns 15-1
  • Jazz 15-1
  • Cavs 15-1

33 Responses

  1. Lakers are they crazy!!! Bynum is just as soft look how long he’s been out. Celtics bench has gained tons of confidence from these playoffs and the big three will get plenty of rest next year. Repeat is not out of the ?

  2. since we’re already thinking about next year who do you like the celtics taking in the draft?

    if not a specific player what is the position of most need as of right now?

    personally i hope the celtics take jason thompson the 6’11 forward from rider

    also here’s to hoping danny ainge already has contracts in place for house, powe, and posey

    and an assistant coaching job for pollard

  3. and cassell

  4. Papa, my thoughts exactly, except Cassell, get House, Powe and Posey contracts ASAP. But if I could only have 2 people back next year, outside of our starting lineup, it’s Tom Thibodeau and Posey. Thibodeau will be tough to keep, he has earned a head coaching job and will most likely get paid big. So, offer Posey the mid-level and hope he wants to stay.

    The local sports radio guys were already discussing laker trades, and they really want Posey and Thibodeau (even over the Zen master). Losing Posey to the enemy would be dreadful, please don’t let this happen Danny.

  5. lakers the favorite I highly doubt that. Celtics should be consider favorite until somebody knocks there ass down. Until then they are the favorite. As for lakers I heard ron artest is maybe thinking of opting out to come join us that will be huge and bynum does make a huge impact is he big enough to change a series who knows will found next June in a Lakers vs Celtics battle part two

  6. i meant bring cassell back as a assistant coach, but thibodeau will most likely stay cause all the head coaching vacancies have been filled

  7. Lakers won’t make it out of the semi’s. Could be hornets, could be Blazers,could be Jazz, WTF it could even be Nellie and the boys from Oakland but it won’t be Lakers. Unless Shaq comes back then who knows.

  8. adding artest to the lakers on paper would seem like a great fit, but personality wise?? kobe screaming at teamates with a strong personality like artest in there, might make for some good television haha

  9. I really don’t understand what goes into lines or all that much about sports betting, but how in the world can you even set odds on next season the day after the last game, before any player moves or even the draft has taken place? And 2-1 odds at that? Can some one please explain this process to me? And also do people actually bet on this stuff this far in advance?

  10. Kobe + Artest = Lakeshow Meltown of Epic Proportions.

  11. bynum doesnt play any defense either, and if you remember earlier in the season perk destroyed bynum, he couldnt handle the beast so he wont help the lakers as much as expected against the celtics

  12. Bynum is young and getting better. its possible that watching what happened this year will be the kick in the ass he needs to become a physical low post presence

  13. yeah he’s a good young player… but i need to start convincing myself that he sucks and will not help the lakers in the least bit next year

  14. Did Vegas completely miss the Finals? Do we have to prove to the world again that Boston is better than LA? Was last night not convincing enough? It’s too early to say that Boston will be the best team in ’08-’09 but it IS safe to say that Boston will be better than LA next year.

  15. One HUGE assumption Vegas is making is that Kobe will be back next year. Judging by his postgame interview there’s still the possibility of Kobe throwing another temper tantrum and demanding a trade.

    If the Lakers had LeBron and Cleveland had Kobe (everything else equal), Cleveland wouldn’t get past the first round and LA would be all but guaranteed to win it all. LeBron carries his team and makes his guys better and Kobe is the Barry Bonds of the NBA.

  16. Of course Kobe was pissed! They just lost the Finals, and in an epic way! But the guy’s not stupid, he realises that the best team he can play on is the team he’s at.

    1. Congratulations Celtics, you guys deserved this.
    2. Sleep on the Lakers in 2008/09 at your own peril. If you think that adding Bynum to the team does little (with the fact that it moves 2 other players to positions that far better suit ’em), then you haven’t been watching.
    3. At least one guy here’s on the ball:
    “Bynum is young and getting better. its possible that watching what happened this year will be the kick in the ass he needs to become a physical low post presence” – RedsArmy.

    Not belittling Boston’s chances – I think you have a very good chance to repeat (tho’ I hope to high hell you don’t!)… but get a dose of reality guys.

  17. Please keep telling yourself that Bynum is nothing…..

  18. Here’s a dose of reality: the Lakers don’t play good defense. Nobody in the west, aside from maybe San Antonio, plays good defense. The west is an outscore you conference with a lot of teams that have high-powered offenses and no defense. When western teams face teams with efficient offenses and lock-down defenses like Boston or Detroit, they get beat. Laker fans might want to concentrate on New Orleans and a healthy San Antonio before they start thinking about Boston again.

  19. everybody’s forgetting about Houston too there a healthy season away from being a top tear team, they definitely got the whole package

    -a dominant big man- yao ming
    -a great scorer- tracy mcgrady
    -a good defense- not even rick adleman can undue thibodueau’s teaching that quickly (and a shut down defender in shane battier)
    -experience (though not good experiences)
    -good suporting cast for their two stars- battier is their posey, a good low post score/rebounder in luis scola, and good shooters in head, battier, novak

    i believe this team is a good point guard away from the best team in the west, if i were them i would definitely make numerous phone calls about chauncey, navarro, tj ford, jose calderon,

    there the most rounded team in the west behind san antonio, all they need is a point and some luck with injuries

  20. Gee… thanks Bill for the ‘dose of reality’.
    Not sure you managed to watch any of the series leading up to the Finals, but thanks anyway.
    You have a nice day.

  21. Yep, the Flakers will have a harder time getting to the Finals again next year. Hornets one year wiser, Spurs every other year desire, Utah one year tougher, Rockets with Yao.

    And in their own division, Phoenix, Portland and Golden State will all be tougher next season. Anything can happen with off-season trades (see 2008 Champions…God I love saying that) but I don’t see them getting the 1 or 2 seed next year and now that we’ve blueprinted a way for good teams to beat them, it will make it even tougher for this soft team to win.

    The Celtics might be looking at a revamped Detroit or Ceveland team, Orlando might get better and who know’s about Washington. IMO a healthy Celts team gets back here next year, ill put money on that.

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  23. I definitely see the Celtics & lakers in the Finals once again next year. Bynum does Help the Lakers next year, He is tougher than Gosoft (then again it can’t get any worse) and the moves Pau to the 4 which is a much better position for him. The Key is where does Odom go? Cant play him at the 3 because you need some Shooting to stretch the D, but he could be the biggest match up problem in the NBA if you play him at the Point.

    With all that said the Lakers will still not have the Defense the D to stop the C’s or any team that plays both ends of the floor.

  24. Pistons will revamp, but probably take a step back. Cavs only a piece or two away (like teaching bron-bron to pass), Orlando is scary with a couple of additions. Wizards hard to call. Bottom line – Got to love the Celtics to repeat, monkey off the back and playing loose. If the Desire is still burning, awfully hard to beat.

    on another note – the Rockets? your sh*tting yourself, Yao is a fatter gasol, T-mac can’t stay healthy and can’t win by himself. Love Adelman but not gonna happen.

  25. And lest I forget -Bynum is a giant Vag. No match for a healthy Perk. There are some new big men coming on line in the west that will give him fits. Hawes at Sac. and that tall kid in Portland that Ainge looked at one time. Can’t remember his name – Ogden or something like that.

  26. talk about not be healthy oden hasnt played in a year and is not certain to come in and dominate, hes had injury problems for two straight years now

    and spencer hawes? taking shots and yao and gasol but promoting the likes of spencer hawes? coem on now your better than that

    and the “Yao is a fatter gasol, T-mac can’t stay healthy and can’t win by himself”

    yao, unlike gasol plays defense and dominates in the post, if you remeber before yao got hurt the rockets were rolling and he was dominating the likes of tim duncan on national tv

    and the t-mac staying healthy comment, i put a strong emphasis that they could contend if by some act of God their players find away to stay healthy

  27. are they serious? after their humiliating defeat at the hands of the celtics, they’re still the favorites to win?

  28. Alright maybe a bit far with Hawes, but Yao is 7’6″, he should be alot more than a 20-10 guy. Have you seen him run up the court? me neither. Love Adelman, rooted for those guys against the Jazz, but they will never dominate. Before the C’s pissed on the win streak parade they did most of it without Yao. But at least he’s not a Vag like bynum and gasol.

  29. i think they did half with and half without, he was there for the first 13

    and its completely amazing how guys like yao,t-mac, adn even jermain o’neal, cannot stay healthy

    and he’s a 20 and 10 guy how many of those are in the league? yea there were only 5-20 and 10 guys last year so thats pretty special

  30. Bad news, Leprechaun lovers. The Lake Show will be back on the air this fall. The next 3-peat starts in June ’09. Yet another Laker dynasty looms large on the horizon.

  31. Please…. Lakers will be a favorite for some time but there’s no threepeat for ANY team out west. The west as a whole is just too equal. And should you guys run into Celtics again it will be same result for next two years or so, maybe longer.

  32. Let me get this straight. Take the same Lakers, add a 7’1″, 290lb blooming superstar center who rebounds, blocks shots, and plays killer D – and you don’t think that’ll make a difference if the Lakers meet the Celtics again? Good luck.

  33. Now Bynum plays “killer D”….are you serious? Laker fans are treating him like Shaq…which means Kobe will run him out of town in two years.

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