That Vaunted Lakers Defense, The Conclusion

the lakers

Ah… who would we be without a parting shot at the hated Lakers. 

Yes Lakers… we still hate you.  Beating you for the title makes it so much sweeter.  Watching that purple and gold skulk off the court was as sweet as watching KG speak in tongues and Paul Pierce stand on that table like he was Moses getting ready to part the Red Sea. 

The way you quit on the floor is an embarrassment to your fans.  You played with no pride.  That game was over 2 minutes into the third quarter when you went 5 for your first 5 and made no headway.  That was it.  Its as if The Lakers (most noticeably,  Vlad Radmanovic) decided that if that one last punch didn’t do any damage… they’d just drop their gloves and hope the refs stopped the fight.

If I was a Lakers fan… I’d be calling for everyone’s heads.  I’d be screaming for trades and firings.  I’d be so disgusted by such a soft team, I’d demand they bring in someone with enough guts not to sit there and soil themselves at the slightest hint of adversity.  You gave up 131 points in the NBA Finals.  131 POINTS!  You gave up 14 offensive rebounds.. which 2 shy of how many assists you had.  Oh… and you let the C’s assist on 33 of our 43 field goals. 

So sad. 

Some links still hanging out there (and then some AWESOME photos after the jump):  Jamele Hill has been suspended.  I hope she gets the message.  I, for one, am satisfied.  Its time to move on from this.

Rajon Rondo blogged after the game

All the photos, the interviews, the madness in the locker room and it still hasn’t really sunk in yet. But I do know we’re a part of history. We just added a banner to the rafters!! And it was great to do it in front of all those great champions – Bill Russell, JoJo White, John Havlicek – all the guys who’ve made so much history. And the fans were rockin again – but that’s nothin new – they’ve been great all year, every night!!

Now we celebrate and I get to share this with all the great players in this locker room – CELTICS ARE CHAMPIONS!! I’ll holla

Holla at TrueHoop… for giving you more love

Which Celtic do you think will throw out the first pitch at Fenway?  Since Ray and KG already did…. my guess is Paul Pierce.  Unless they bring out all 3.

By the way… who has two thumbs and just dropped $100+ on Celtics championship gear?  This guy.  Maybe you guys want one of our shirts (we’ve even got one for your dog)… to offset my contribution to Addidas.

Alright… enough blah blah blah… you want pictures.  Calm down… you jackals.

(all photos via Getty Images)

paul pierce, bill russell, ray allen

bill russell, ray allen, doc rivers, kevin garnett, paul pierce

big 3, doc rivers, danny ainge

the big 3

james posey

big 3, doc rivers, danny ainge

the boston celtics

bill russell, kevin garnett


7 Responses

  1. Love the Photos Keep em coming. BTW, Did anyone else notice how that ass clown Stern was booed last night? God bless the fans in the Garden!

  2. Wow, great pictures! How cool is it that Russell was there with the team? Like I was telling my friend earlier, In what other franchise does a guy like Cedric Maxwell interview Bill Russell, while Jo Jo White looks on, about Pierce’s, Garnett’s, and Allen’s title? Simply amazing.

  3. We cant get pictures that are actually centered?

  4. Who is the guy sitting in the first row on the far right in the picture second from the bottom?

  5. Is that Doc suited up? Player/Coach next year?

  6. tony allen haha

  7. Mike D… those are already full size. You can right click those and save them. The others, I had to resize, so I linked to the full picture

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