Wow. Just… Wow.

Oh Big Baby… That’s how I feel too.  It’s very Costanza

The Boston Celtics are the Champions.  THE CELTICS ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!

I’m spent.  I’m wiped out.  If this thing had gone to 7 games… I would have been reduced to drooling onto my laptop.  And really… this thing hasn’t quite hit me yet.  It’s like its all a dream. 

I’m happy for KG and Ray.  But I’m happiest for Paul Pierce.  KG and Ray fulfilled personal quests… but I feel like Paul fulfilled a destiny.  He’s been a Celtic from day one… and at times that worked against him because the organization was so bad.  He’s had some rough times too… but now all of that is in the past.  Paul Pierce truly led the Boston Celtics to a championship.  The fans got what they deserved… and now… so will Paul Pierce.  He will be elevated to the pantheon of “All-Time Great Boston Athlete.”  He’s not just with Bird, Havlicek, Russel and the rest.  He’s there with Orr and Esposito.  With Brady and Stanley Morgan.  With Yaz and Ted.  Pierce is a Boston guy.  He always was… and now he always will be… because he led us to the promised land. 

As for KG and Ray… I’m thrilled for them.  Ray showed that sacrifice has its rewards.  Garnett showed that it’s teams, not individuals, focusing on the right things that win.  They deserve their rings.  To borrow from Kevin after the game… they’re certified.

Some other quick thoughts:

  • I just love that all that ‘Zen Master will totally outclass Doc’ crap can be put to bed.  Doc and his staff were better (Suck on that, Simmons). 
  • I also love that the Kobe / Jordan comparisons are dead.  Bury ’em (until next year, of course).  Kobe is a special talent, but he was outplayed by Paul Pierce… who drove by him consistently.  Pierce, James Posey (heretofore to be referred to as “The Mongoose”) and Allen also showed that Kobe can be slowed… and forced into a style of offense that hurts his team. 
  • A little gloating:  I think we saw why I was so down on the Pau Gasol trade.  I’ll admit that it helped them more than I thought it would… but ultimately what I was saying from the beginning held true:  Gasol is so soft defensively that he can become a liability.  The Lakers had no muscle on the front line, and that REALLY cost them in this series.
  • And our bench showed a couple of things:  (1) its better than the Lakers bench.  And (2) those guys are perhaps the most disciplined bunch of guys in the NBA.  Guys like Leon Powe, Eddie House and Big Baby racked up DNP’s… but then came in and contributed… just like they always do.  I’m not sure everyone realizes how remarkable that is.
  • And finally… it was proven once again:  DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Before we get to some of the links (I’ll post many more later)… a couple of notes about  We will spend the next couple of weeks really reflecting on the season.  Then after that, we’ll expand our focus a little to include draft and full NBA coverage.  Also, I AM going to the parade tomorrow.  I hope to have many, many pictures.  After that, we’ll work on a special championship section of  We’ll also work on a little redesign this summer.  Thanks again to all of our readers.  Today is already our best traffic day yet… and we’re not even close to being done.  Congrats to the Celtics and all their fans.  ENJOY IT!!!

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13 Responses

  1. Great job guys! I know I only came upon this site very late in the season (thanks Chruce), but once I visited just one time I was hooked. GREAT commentary, analysis, photos, EVERYTHING….

    Thanks again!

  2. What a Game.. What a night.. What a Year!!

    I hope to see some of you guys at the Parade!

    **Thanks Redsarmy for having such a great site & forum that allows us crazy fans to speak our mind!!

  3. Im speechless!

  4. championship

  5. Congrats to the town of Boston!

    The Pau Gasol trade was a fantastic trade for the Lakers – they got him for nothing. Remember, that you said they should have picked up Ben Wallace, who was more invisible in the NBA playoffs than Gasol?

    This is really a matter of perspective – if the Celtics had gotten Gasol for Scalabrine and a draft pick, this site would be praising the trade. You wouldn’t be knocking it.

    The Lakers didn’t lose because of Pau Gasol. The Lakers lost because of a complete lack of heart. That starts with their team captain.

    Moving forward, the Lakers should make some changes. Lamar Odom should be moved elsewhere. This series, I feel, was his last opportunity in L.A. and the Lakers should axe him.

  6. What an amazing season! And for the past year, RedsArmy has been my first stop for all things Celtics in the morning. Bravo to John and Chuck!

    I wish I could go to the parade, but we have a scheduled conference call at work that is happening from 11:00 to 12:00 tomorrow. No, I’m not making that up.

    I can’t wait to see the improvements to the blog, and I’ll be stopping by all summer! Keep it up!

    And to sum up the season in a language John will understand: Orea!

  7. Does anyone know the actual route of the parade? I work near Copley so I’m hoping I can skip out for a minute to catch it if it is near…


    Wow is right. You couldn’t write this any better. Finally some peace of mind. What a game. What a team. I’ve never liked a team this much from top to bottom.

    Love the redemption of KG. Shut everyone up and slayed my fears in the process.

    Loved the return of Rondo. I’ve been on his nuts all year and took a lot of shit on the interweb because they said he was too inconsistant.

    Love Posey. Dude is cooler than a polar bears toe nails.

    Thanks to Red’s Army; John & Chuck. You guys helped me through a lot of stress this season! I showed my support by buying 3 BEAT LA shirts before this series. I’ll have to check out some of the championship gear too to show the love. Great work guys

  9. I just had to put this on here. Congrats and all but all I hear from people is how saintly Boston fans are compared to Los Angeles fans.;_ylt=AmR4s.z2htF5OxmyTnsHNqW8vLYF?slug=ap-nbafinals-security&prov=ap&type=lgns

    Boston has its fair share of no good fans so I don’t want to hear it anymore.

  10. Thank you everyone for the compliments (EVEN ONE IN GREEK!) It is much appreciated.

    You know… this whole thing started on such a whim. Just a couple of guys who spent too much time at work talking shit about the Celtics (and back then…. why the sucked). Every so often, Chuck and I will look at each other or email one another in disbelief that so many of you are here.

    So thank YOU ALL!! We really appreciate it.



  11. Love you guys- only way for us west coast Celtic fans to get the real dirt during the down years, and the BEST info this year. F*ck Stuart Scott, you guys should run Sportcenter.

  12. […] from the other side – Championship edition Celtics 17 Celtics 17 happens Red’s Army Wow. Just… Wow! Perkisabeast Extra! World Champions! Extra! With Malice Light up a cigar for old times sake […]

  13. major props to the guy’s tireless efforts of running this site. it made this year’s journey and eventual championship much, much sweeter. wish i could be part of the parade, but i live on the other side of the planet, so will have to rely on pics.

    congratulations and may red’s army continue to grow and attract more green followers…and those deserved commercial endorsements.

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