Great Day For A Parade!

We Won!!!

Chuck and I will be down at the “Rolling Rally” today.  I’m hoping to take a lot of pictures… and I’ve recruited others to do the same.  I’ll put together a flickr page when its all said and done… but don’t expect it today.  I’m expecting to either be trashed, exhausted… or both. 

So you’ll excuse us from the analysis, goofiness and the like today.  Today, we’re fans.  And you should be too.  If you can’t be at the parade or at a TV, WBZ will be streaming it live at 11 AM…. and then by some time tonight, they’ll be offering it on demand.

Until one of us gets back from the parade… enjoy Big Baby after the game.  He’s either really drunk in that video… or he had a stroke.  Honestly… I can’t tell.  Hey… remember that guy who spoofed the Kevin Durant commercial with all the T-Shirts?  He did another one… with the “There can be only one” ads.  Half a playoff beard is freaky.  Oh.. and remember the guy who got his ass kicked at the Staples Center and then wanted to come to Boston?  He’s here.  Hope he enjoys his stay.

Do yourself a favor:  Read Kelly Dwyer’s recap of Game 6 (and the season) on Ball Don’t Lie.  It’s lengthy… but worth it.

Here’s Ray Allen and KG on Letterman.  Here’s WBZ’s Dan Roche behind the scenes with them.

And now for the papers:

Herald: Ainge’s vision was right  |  Doc’s orders cure  |  Doc’s rule: Stop ‘n’ go  |  C’s hope Posey stays put  |  Rebuilding job makes Danny worthy of honor  |  Selfless KG set tone  |  Kobe couldn’t camoflauge Lakers blemishes  |  C’s join victory parade  |  Ray:  Kill the label  |  Globe:  Greatest of the Green  |  Boston enjoys the spoils  |  Title gives birth to new generation of fans  |  Title town going green for parade  |  C’s rate high praise from Bird  |  Right back to work for Ainge  |  Big 3 stuck together  |  Megliola:  Celtics savor private joys  |  T&G:  Fans cash in on win  |  Pride Restored  |  USA Today:  5 top Celtics teams  |  SI:  For KG, weight is finally over  |  Photo gallery  |  ESPN:  Pierce’s long road to greatness 


9 Responses

  1. Big baby, what a light weight?

  2. To be fair… that’s probably after how many bottles of champagne and beer?

  3. I guess but he is a big dude, is he old enough to drink?

  4. Have a great time at the parade everyone

  5. It’s being shown on NBA TV right now.

    Enjoy the parade!

  6. Just got back from the parade! Good times. Did anyone see Big Baby shirtless?? I don’t know if that was such a good idea…

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  8. Yeah I saw baby… He’s not as fat as I thought he would be.. Hes pretty cut.

  9. I think he was doing a poor Bill Cosby impression in that postgame clip…

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