Having Some Fun

You know… all sorts of stuff comes out when your team wins the title.  That cartoon is from the latest Garbage Time All Stars comic up on Ball Don’t Lie… which also features a Perkins eating contest and now that KG is number 1, all he’s thinking about is number 2. 

BostonSportz has dug up an old Globe 2.0 show in which Bob Ryan and Charlie PIerce say a lot of very wrong things about the upcoming season.  It just shows no one ever knows anything ahead of time.  And to be fair, the C’s hadn’t signed Posey or House yet… so we had no idea that the roster was filling out with solid shooters… and we had no clue what kind of team defense the KG/Thibodeau combination was capable of.

BrewHoop asks would win if the Celtics played Team USA?  The top 4 results right now are Team USA in 4, 5, 6, and 7.  I said Celtics in 7… but that was a blatant post-championship ‘homer’ vote. 

By the way, The WhatIfSports computer picked Celtics in 6.  Like I said… when you took the emotion out of it and looked at that series objectively, the C’s were the obvious choice.

Did I post the newest “You Got Rondo’d” ad?  Either way… here it is… L.A. Got Rondo’d:

We love Tommy… and we’re pretty happy that he got a chance to celebrate one more title with the Celts.  So is reader Jesse Haley… who sends in this very nice photo of Tommy at the parade.


Fitzy sends over his latest Wicked Pissah Webcast…. the Celtics championship edition:

Check out his website,  Townienews.com… pretty funny stuff.

Here are a few photos from the Celtics being honored at Fenway:

paul pierce

By the way… Pierce fired an 80 mph “ceremonial” first pitch that got past Jason Varitek. 

paul pierce

paul pierce

And the Patriots have taken out a full page ad to honor the Celtics:



3 Responses

  1. i say it depends who has home court advantage cause there’s no way the c’s are losing in boston

    somebody argued that the reason they picked usa was because the ray allen couldn’t guard kobe or lebron straight up-well looks like they did not tune into the finals to watch ray shut kobe down for six games look at the matchups

    jason kidd vs rajon rondo edge rondo- kidd cant play d or shoot, rondo just cant shoot

    kobe bryant vs ray allen push-watch the finals tapes

    the king vs the truth push-they’ll either totally shut each other down or go off for 41 and 45

    carmello vs kg edge kg- c’mon he’s the cobra

    dwight howard vs perk edge to superman but i think the beast would hold his own

    d wade the mongoose
    antwan jaimason pj
    teshaun powe
    cp3 eddie
    redd bi baby
    they have a huge advantage in bringing all stars off the bench

    coach k vs doc and thiboduex i give the advantage to doc for knowing his team better

    team chemistry- celtics got this one, by far, i dont think any team with kobe on it will ever win this category

    its a lot closer than people expect……..says the biased celtics fan

  2. I can’t disagree more with that KG blog entry and comments from the writer in the comments section. So much so that I don’t feel the need to respond further. I am at a loss for words. Wow. LOL

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