In Appreciation Of… PJ Brown

PJ Brown holds up the Larry O'Brien trophy during the Celtics rolling rally

We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved. In the first three installments, we’ve appreciated Doc Rivers, Danny Ainge, and the Team Owners. Now, we move on to the players.

“Oh nooooooooo….. yeeaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Millions of you did exactly that on Sunday, May 18th… somewhere around around 6:15 pm.

That’s when PJ Brown…. with the Celtics up one point…. with a minute and a half to go in Game 7 against the Cavaliers… teed up a jumper.

In the course of 2 or 3 seconds, our playoff lives flashed before our eyes. We had come so far, and this guy was going to ruin it.

But then the shot went in.

Relief. Elation. Disbelief. We were going to win, and on a night when Paul Pierce was fighting a duel to the death with LeBron James… PJ Brown was going to hit the biggest basket.

There is very little indifference about the Boston Celtics in the world. You are either a rabid, green-can-do-no-wrong type of fan… or you’re a flat-out hater. But it seems that almost everyone is still happy for PJ Brown. He among the most respected people in the NBA. He instantly was a mentor to our big guys, teaching them… and reinforcing what coaches like Clifford Ray have been teaching.

And he is the perfect balance to a someone like Kevin Garnett, which is important for someone like Kendrick Perkins to see. Perk used KG’s emotion to lift his own… but that can get Perk into trouble (as in “foul”). But to see that steady, unfazed, just-do-your-job, kind of player get the job done will no doubt serve to teach our young center that sometimes, you need to just do your job.

PJ Brown wasn’t here for very long, but his influence may be felt well beyond his tenure in Boston. And, quite frankly, who knows how that Cleveland game turns out if PJ misses that jumper and the Cavs were able to take a lead. With 1:00 left and a lead… another Celtics miss would have turned that game into a free throw shooting contest.

So who knows? Maybe without PJ Brown, the Celtics aren’t even champions. But they are, because he did hit that shot. And for that, and more PJ Brown, we appreciate the job you’ve done in helping us achieve the ultimate goal… an NBA title.


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6 Responses

  1. I’m happy for P.J. and a little worried about finding a big to replace him that brings similar experience and ability. I think his presence had a bigger impact than we know.

    By the way check out this awesome skit on Jimmy Kimmel about the Lakers collapse. Billy Dee is so smooth.

  2. I think I made the “Oh nnnooooo…………..YYEEEAAAAHHHH!!” every time PJ squared up to shoot for the first 20 or so times that he took a jumper. After he hit what seemed like all 20 of them, I started to become very comfortable with him taking shots. He was a huge contributor to the playoff run, and I do not think the C’s get by Cleveland without him in that series. He was physical when he needed to be and scored when no one else was getting it done.

  3. Nice write-up on PJ. These tributes have been a joy to read. Keep ’em comin’, it’s nice to re-live the glory.

  4. Of all the Celtics I am happiest for PJ. Such a long career without that ring. It would have been so sad if he did all the work to return and his dream wasn’t fulfilled. He just seems like such a great man to have around.

    He had such a great influence both on and off the court. And just in case he’s reading this – Thank You PJ Brown!!

  5. “don’t hesistate! Like a Laker lead these plates won’t last long!!” hahahahah

  6. Yeah I’ll always remember that shot. That was the best game that I can ever remember watching as a C’s fan. It had everything, and most importantly, it had that unlikely hero that stepped up for the C’s and won the game.

    Glenn McDonald, Gerald Henderson, P.J. Brown.

    And let’s not forget that P.J. did more than just hit that shot and give experience. He made some key plays throughout the entire playoffs. How about that and-one dunk against LA in game 4. Let’s not forget that in that Cleveland game, he was 4-4 from the field for 10 points and 6 rebounds (3 offensive). Most of all, let’s not forget about the tremendous fouls that this guy made game after game. He is the best and making a strong foul that this league has seen in a long time. Not once did he get called for a flagrant, and not once did someone make an and-one against him.

    Glenn McDonald, Gerald Henderson, P.J. Brown.

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