I Like Our Draft

I’m not going to speak for Chuck here, but the more I read about the guys we picked up, the more I like what Danny did.  Maybe part of it is “In Danny I Trust”… because I know I didn’t watch any New Mexico games last season.

But to hear the JR Giddens story told… he’s got lottery pick talent with a questionable attitude.  Well, we’ve got 3 superstar veterans, which include one of the greatest players of all time, of the most respected players of this generation, and a stud who survived his own “off-the-court” mess and turned himself into the Finals MVP.  If there’s ANY team that can take a flier on a kid with that kind of talent, its the Boston Celtics. 

First, if these veterans can’t whip that kid into shape, no one can.  And that’s not to mention guys like Posey (who, for my own health, I’ll just assume is coming back) and Kendrick Perkins… who will take absolute zero crap from anyone.  Even Rajon Rondo, as the leader of the offense, will make sure this kid flies right.  Remember… Rondo has no qualms about yelling at our megastars if they’re not in the right place.  There’s no way this rookie is coming in and messing with our flow.

Secondly, the Celtics don’t need him to contribute.  Obviously, it would be great if he did.  But as currently constituted, he’s going to fight for whatever minutes he gets.  And if Tony Allen comes back, he’ll fall further back on the depth chart.

So you’ve got a kid with lottery-pick talent… with a ton of veteran leadership and no pressure to be the team’s savior.  I’d say that’s about as good a situation as you can get.

As for Billy Walker and the Turkish kid… I don’t think Erdin is leaving Turkey right away.  It’s minimal risk.  And Walker is being talked about as the classic second-round Ainge steal.  If this kid gets meaningful minutes, then we need to name the second round of the draft the “Danny Ainge Round”… because he owns it.  I want Walker to stick round just to see if he truly is the dunker he’s made out to be. 

The one thing this draft leaves us with… is a hole at back-up center.  It makes you wonder if all these guys are sticking around.  If Tony Allen re-ups, then we’ve hot him, Rondo, Pruitt, Giddens and Walker at guard.  That’s too much.  My first reaction is sign-and-trade involving Tony Allen for a back up big. 

Regardless… I like where we ended up in the draft.  Chad Ford gave the Celtics a B for the draft… which is about where I’d put them too.  Maybe a B+. 


23 Responses

  1. the nets probably had the greatest draft in nba history.

  2. Love our draft. With a veteran squad like we have I love taking a gamble on Giddens and Walker. Definitely think they’ll learn how to handle themselves and turn into productive bench scorers/defenders

  3. I think Walker is more of a SF than a guard. I watched him play several games this year (only because of Beasley), and he really isn’t a perimeter guy at all in my opinion.

    And I don’t know if anyone heard Doc talking about Tony last night, but he said Tony is a must-sign this off-season.

  4. Giddens has great size for the guard position if he can keep up the perimeter D then I can see him getting some minutes I dont see his attitude being an issue on this team

    Walker, kid can jump out of the gym and reminds me a little of Josh Smith on the Hawks. Here’s a dunk highlight vid of Walker to get an idea: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4sSsOtnku8M&feature=related

  5. “the nets probably had the greatest draft in nba history.”

    Yes a 7 foot stiff, a cupcake for a power forward and Chris Douglas Roberts.

    That’s a lot better than Chicago picking Jordan, Boston picking Bird, Boston trading the one pick for McHale and Parish….Should I go on or do you want to apologize now for being an idiot?

  6. Obviously not even close to the best in history… but I really like what the Nets did. They’ll have another lottery pick next year, then make the run at Lebron the following year. Now they’ve got a tremendous young point guard in Devin Harris, a solid young center in Lopez, a prospect in Yi.

  7. Considering which picks the nets had in this draft and the players they got, you can easily say this as a team getting one of the best deals ever.

    If you don’t agree that CDR at #40 wasn’t the biggest steal ever then don’t know shit.

  8. I think Manu Ginobli 57th was a bigger steal.

  9. “If you don’t agree that CDR at #40 wasn’t the biggest steal ever then don’t know shit.”

    Talk to me when you turn thirteen and have some semblance of basketball knowledge.

    Manu Ginobli (57th pick), Monta Ellis (40), Jeff Hornacek (46), all think you need to do research too. Douglas-Roberts is a nice pickup and a good player but you’re out of your element here declaring him the “biggest steal ever”

  10. And Michael Redd was picked 43 as well.

  11. Gilbert Arenas, Leon Powe, Ryan Gomes.

  12. He was the biggest steal in this draft just like Redd was back in 2000. However unlike the bucks, the nets got two good picks in before getting him. The same with Ginobili, he was a steal but he was the only thing the spurs got that year.

    Just wait and see you miserable fools.

  13. What’s so hard about saying the nets had a great draft?

    I don’t see why boston is even talking about this years draft, the guys you got won’t even be playing a single minute for the next two years.

  14. i would’ve rather the c’s just taken deandre jordan and gary forbes

    not a big fan of the c’s draft

    the best part about the draft was that the celtics didnt take chris douglas

  15. Well said Papa. Jordan would have been a viable backup center. And CDR will not be an NBA player for long (not a good shooter).

    And I think Chalmers would have been a decent backup point guard. I felt those were the 2 positions the Celts needed to address. It would have given us more flexibility to lose Sam and PJ (Pollard, Tony and Scal too), sorry Papa I know you like Scal.

    But lets see what Danny does now. “In Danny I trust” still applies, just a little confused.

  16. i gave serious thought to whether the c’s should have tried to trade their pick and leon or big baby to try to move up in the draft

    if they did it could have netted a player such as brook or robin lopez or maybe to a lesser degree roy hibbert

    now i love powe and baby as much as any other celtics fan but im not sure if the celtics wouldnt be better served getting rid of one of them since they are both eerily similar: short post, high energy player and so on…

    and keeping one of them while getting a bigger body to would have given us a definitive backup power forward baby or powe and center lopez or hibbert

    but instead we had a high potential center drop into our laps, jordan would have been perfect, his problems (like people have said about giddens) could have been solved by some kg time

  17. Yes Papa Irish…. you can’t teach size. Love Baby and Powe but they do duplicate themselves.

    Other considerations is you want insurance in case Perk gets injured. You saw how much we missed him in game 5. Ainge will address this and we are a destination for a back up center from somewhere. Blount? Diop?

  18. Ok mac…. this is a warning.

    Don’t you ever… EVER… mention Mark Blount possibly coming back to the C’s again.

    Ugh… does anyone know how to get vomit out of a keyboard?

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  20. i agree keep blunt away from boston i dont event want him visiting here

    i havent seen the movie but im pretty sure that the celtics re-signing mark blount was the reason for the mass suicide attempts in THE HAPPENING

  21. I take that back. Sorry. My point was Celts need a big on the cheap (assuming we’ll spend most of our money on Posey). I never meant to Laker this thread. My bad.

  22. id rather the celtics sign ric smits, vlade divac, and Arvydas Sabonis then mark blount, and no not why they were good, right now, they could all share stories about how shaqs ass tastes

  23. I liked the celtics draft too especially Bill Walker I hope he gets to play this year.

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