Posey Opting Out Today

The Globe is reporting what we all know… that James Posey is opting out today.  He is likely looking for a 3 or 4 year deal at the full mid-level exception.  The Celtics will beg him to take a little less so they have enough left over to sign potential free agents.

There are salary cap tricks that could allow Posey to be signed to a longer deal and maybe let him draw a salary after he retires… thus increasing the overall value of the contract.  I just started to try to figure them out… but then my eyes started to bleed. 

By the way… today’s the day to make a qualifying offer to Tony Allen.  If not, he’s a free agent.  So far… I haven’t heard anything about the C’s making him an offer.


3 Responses

  1. I agree just as much as anyone that we most likely would have not won this championship without James Posey. I really wish we could get him back but I don’t believe in giving him a huge, long contract. I just hope he realizes that if he takes a LITTLE less money, he could be a big factor in our chances of repeating which I’m sure he would love to be a part of.

  2. If Posey goes, which im guessing at this point he will because he will get offered a 4 year deal somewhere to a team desperate enough, i think we should look into a guy like Mikael Pietrus from the warriors, always liked his game and hes really athletic and a solid defender, another SF that defends and shoots 3s would help fill the role posey (may) leave open.

  3. Yeah totally. I would bet money that Posey’s overall stock goes up more if he takes our offer for probably less money but continues to have a hand in a Boston championship run. You know, I I don’t think we’re talking a repeat, a three peat, or even a four peat. We’re talking a minimum eight peat. Good chance he’ll get endorsements and maybe media jobs after his career. Or, he can take more money from a bad team and retire as a nobody from a shitty team looking to get better.

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