Celtics Have The Midas Touch

sam cassell and paul pierceThe Boston Celtics are on a roll.  Not only can they not be stopped, anything associated with them turns into a winner too.

Their big, magical trip to Vegas started by lending their championship aura to Manny Pacquiao… who used it to turn David Diaz into a bloody pulp.

Then, just to prove to the non-believers that they could will ANYONE to victory… they went to the Bellagio and cheered local girl on to a pole-dancing victory.

The fact that the Celtics were in the house – the DJ brought up the fact that they were there a couple of times and everyone cheered – contributed to her victory,” said our spy on the scene. “Because when they said, ‘Let’s hear it for Danielle from Boston,’ all the guys cheered and pumped their fists.”

And what did the lovely Danielle get?  $10,000.  Of course…

Danielle, 26, reports she’s not a professional exotic dancer, although she does have a pole in her house. She studied aerial acrobatics in Canada and moved to Vegas for a role in Cirque de Soleil’s “Zumanity.”

Sure Danielle… whatever you have to tell mom and dad.  You just won 10 Grand in a pole-dancing competition… and you have a pole in your house.  Who are you kidding?

I desperately wish I was in Vegas right now.  I want to glom onto that championship mojo in a bad way.  I can just picture sitting down at a blackjack table… losing my shirt… and the Celtics roll by and sit down. 



10 Responses

  1. I saw this in the Herald this morning and thought to myself, “I’ll have to post this later because John won’t, he has too much classy and dignity.”


  2. Since when did you think I had class and dignity? Since when have I had any class and dignity?

  3. Gotta love Pierce. Looks like he’s telling his groupies to “bow down” to the CHAMPS!

    (no disrespect intended)

  4. Haha. and I just noticed ET is phoning home.

    I have to much time on my hands.

  5. Paul Pierce wears that backpack everywhere. What the fuck is in there? MVP trophy? A pile of cash?

  6. kobe and lebrons manhood

  7. Where do you get these pictures?

  8. Im not a fan of celtics, tho it was nice seeing Manny Pacquiao with the team :D

  9. That picture came from TMZ.com

  10. […] judge at the 1st annual Polestar Pole Dancing Competition.  Solid choice.  Sam already has experience judging contests like this… so its a no […]

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