In Appreciation Of… Kendrick Perkins


We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved. In the first three installments, we’ve appreciated Doc Rivers, Danny Ainge, and the Team Owners. We have spent recent days appreciating our key bench players, like PJ Brown, Leon Powe, Glen DavisEddie House, and James Posey. In our ninth installment of our series, we move on to our starters.

 There are two Celtics I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley: Leon Powe, and Kendrick Perkins.

Perk is a bad man. He knows it. You know it. People who don’t know him, know it .5 seconds after seeing him. Look no further than the Celtics post-championship celebration for the proof.

Everyone in there was smiling bigger smiles than they’ve ever smiled before. The pictures were everywhere. I’ve seen one picture (as in ever) of Perk smiling. In the post-game celebrations, Perk had a “damn right” smirk on his face as everyone was bounding around. I felt like we were a few seconds away from him ripping peoples’ arms off in celebration.

It’s what’s Perk does. He’s the enforcer. If this was hockey, he’d be the guy that came out onto the ice to beat the snot out of the guy who just cross-checked Pierce. True, it does cause him to get into foul trouble… and he still has to learn how to back off. But I’d rather have the guy who’s too aggressive than the guy who’s too timid (am I right, Lakers fans?).

Perhaps the least appreciated aspect of Kendrick Perkins, is the effect he has on Kevin Garnett. We all know what KG means to the rest of the team, especially Perkins. But what few people outside of Celtics-nation see is that having Perk in the game seems to lift a weight off KG’s shoulders. KG can focus on guarding power forwards with the knowledge that Perk can capably protect the basket. He’s got a partner in crime on the blocks… and together, they send a simple message to other teams: You’d better hope your jumpers are ‘on’… because you ain’t coming in here.

I love what Perk did in limited time in Game 6 of the Finals. He gutted out a shoulder injury to come in and break Pau Gasol. It was beautiful to watch. No left arm necessary…. just the full brute force of The Beast… letting Pau, and everyone else, know that they were done. Perk is a young kid (he’s 23) who is only just starting to realize his potential. There is no doubt he’ll get better… and beastlier… as time goes on. We look forward to the pain you will inflict, Kendrick, and we appreciate the job you’ve done in helping us achieve the ultimate goal… an NBA title.

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10 Responses

  1. Perk is a beast.

  2. I will be the First to say that Perk is the MAN!

    All he needs to develop is an average hook shot that he can work other shots off of & he’ll easily be a top 10 Center in the league.

  3. I was real annoyed at Perk earlier in the season when he’d get a pass down low, bring it to his knees and get stuffed. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him do that and I think he’s starting to get the message. I was impressed with the glimpse of Perk’s inside game we got in the playoffs (including that 10 footer he drained) but I didn’t truly see the value Perk brings to this team until the Playoffs started. And it became super clear when he sat out with the injury how crucial he is to this team as a rebounder and defender. Congratulations guy and I hope I never get on your bad side.

  4. There is no Hiding my man love for Perk!

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  6. Favorite (off the court) Perk moment: in locker room interview right after winning championship he said how Rasheed Wallace commented preseason how Celtics have no PG or center. “But we have the title now” He scowled and ended the interview. Hilarious.

  7. The Rasheed comment really was the key to Perk’s season, and Rondo’s too. I was so mad when I heard it that I made sure to bring it up with Perk like three times. This was way back in October, right before the season started, and we were all hanging around his house and we were all talking about what an asshole Rasheed was and how much of a pussy he was. Perk just had this shit eating grin on his face and said “I ain’t saying nothing.” But you knew deep down he was just waiting to hand it to him. My favorite comment though came from his girlfriend’s brother who said, “Yo Perk, when you play Detroit make sure to put your nuts on his f–n head.” And he did.


  8. So…. uh….. when do WE get to hang out at Perk’s place and laugh about his nuts on ‘Sheed’s head?

    Really.. all I want is to hear Perk talk. I LOVE to hear his postgame interviews. I think its combination of things…. the drawl.. the deliberate nature… the “I don’t give a fuck” quality to his answers. Perk really comes off as maybe the most genuine guy on the team… probably next to KG.

  9. He’s very cool. Very cool. And actually, he’s a lot more light hearted than you’d think. He smiles a lot. I think he’s a little more genuine than KG because he doesn’t take himself as seriously. Although, I’ve never dared speak to Garnett, he just freaks me out.

  10. I’ve been calling Perk “The Hulk” since the 2005-06 season when he had the 12 point, 19 rebound 5 assist game. Now they (ABC) wanna give him a corny 00’s non-nickname like “KP43”? Hopefully now he gets the national respect he deserves and refs calm down with those calls on him from now on.


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