In Appreciation Of… Ray Allen

ray allen

We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved. In our eleventh installment of the series, we continue saluting our starters.


That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Ray Allen this year.


No one gave up more of his game to be part of this team.

Ray, more than anyone, had to “buy into the team concept”… which is really code for “not consider himself the number 1 offensive option.” He’s the one that had to make the biggest adjustments. Kevin Garnett’s game really didn’t change… and Paul Pierce, being the guy who’s been here, was the one the new guys would defer to early on.

So it was up to Ray to do some things he’s not used to doing. And not only that, he had to do it with new teammates, in a new city. That’s not easy.

But Ray Allen proved himself to be the ultimate professional.

Not only that, he proved to us that he was still a deadly assassin from beyond the arc. After the opening night blowout, Ray spent November killing Toronto and Charlotte at the buzzer…. and generally torching the rest of the league. Yes, he went through some slumps, but as we’ve heard many times recently… it’s just the threat of Ray Allen that is enough to spread the floor.

But appreciating Ray Allen isn’t so much appreciating what he’s done on the floor. His impact is felt off the floor… and through other players.

Rajon Rondo is the prime example. He looked at how Ray carries himself and decided to follow suit. Now Rajon comes to the gym 3 hours early on game day, just like Ray. Rajon has figured out how important a consistent routine is to consistent play. When Rajon is in the “best point guard in the league” discussion a few years from now… it will be Ray Allen’s influence that helped him down that path.

Ray is meticulous (aka: he’s probably got OCD), so its especially impressive that the dealt with the change here so well. When he was asked to run point instead of running off a million picks… he did it. When he sat the whole 4th quarter of the semifinals closeout game in Detroit… he didn’t complain. And when a lot of us were asking the question “is Ray Allen done?”… he wasn’t worried. He just kept doing what he did, and then set a record for most 3 pointers in the Finals. And whether he was struggling or not… he still played within the team… and he will played defense (which few people really thought he could do).

Ray Allen gave up more than anyone to become a member of this team. And through it all, he carried himself exactly how a professional should. And for that, Ray, we appreciate the job you’ve done in helping us achieve the ultimate goal… an NBA title.

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7 Responses

  1. I give it up to Ray cuz he was also going through some issues at home with his mothers lawsuite or something like that.

    I expect Ray to come out shooting the ball alot more next year because he got the monkey of his back of winning a championship.. so now he can take more chances.

  2. ray should have been a celtic a long time ago. he is the ultimate professional as you said, and for everything he gave up, he gained that and more with the respect and appreciation of the fans in new england, and the ring of a champion.

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  4. Nice write up. It is nice to see that people realize that Ray impacted the Celtics on and off the court just as much as KG, but just not as demonstratively.

  5. No classier or more deserving guy in the NBA anywhere. And Lebron should give Ray his all star MVP back, Ray got screwed.

  6. Amen Lakerhater . I was never down on Ray Ray during his play-off struggles. He spread the floor so the likes of KG, Truth and Rondo could operate. And his 48 minute performance in game 4 of the Finals was legendary. Thank you Jesus!

  7. Right on Braddymac. That 48 minute long-haul and stellar performance should be legendary. It’s a tribute to his fitness, as well, which many people were doubting after the meatgrinder series in the East.

    The Lakers’ series showed that Ray has plenty in the tank and has improved his defensive skillset. I would like to see the ball in Ray’s hands more often – he can create his own shots and assists off the dribble. He is a guard, after all.

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