The All-Time Celtics Roster

Just a little something to spark up some discussion as we wait for the new salary cap number to come out today… and for free agency to open up tomorrow.

Don at With-Malice… who is a big Lakers fan (his all time team here)… has asked a few sites to put together their all-time rosters.  So here’s MY take. 


  • PG: Bob Cousey
  • SG: Paul Pierce
  • SF: Larry Bird
  • PF: Kevin McHale
  • C: Bill Russell

Paul Pierce at the 2 might be the most debatable position here.  There rest are all Hall of Famers at their respective positions… but Pierce serves as more of a slasher in this offense which would let Bird spot up more.  I think they’d compliment each other nicely.


  • G: Dennis Johnson
  • G: Sam Jones
  • G/F: John Havlicek
  • F: Tom Heinsohn
  • F: Dave Cowens
  • F/C: Kevin Garnett
  • C: Robert Parish

I tried for a mix of scoring and defense… plus a good mix of size on the bench.  Because Tommy Heinsohn is “Tommy” homer announcer… people don’t seem to realize just how good he was.  He’s a 6-time All Star who, at his peak, had a few years that he averaged about 20 and 10 a game.  His career playoff numbers:  19.8 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 2.1 apg.  He kicked ass.  Sam Jones finished in the top 5 of MVP voting twice… and had 4 season as a top 10 scorer in the NBA.  I think the others speak for themselves.  Do I even need to mention that Red is the coach?

Man, we’ve had some great players in Green!

Links:  Globe:  Red among those who needed FBI protection  (associated link:  The New England Files)  |  Truth is, Pierce still celebrating  |  Camerato: Summer league day 1 surprises  |  SI:  Beasley scores meaningless 28 in more meaningless summer league game  | ESPN:  Philly making a run at Brand?


9 Responses

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  4. Bill Sharman over Dennis Johnson.

  5. hate to say this KG…… I wouldn’t put him on the list one year doesn’t cut it? maybe White or Sharman

  6. Hey guys……I seem to remember a seven footer who could hit from outside. The guy didn’t even have to jump.

    I am thinking he busts the starting 5…..put him anywhere

  7. I agree with Tim.
    Bill Sharman over DJ (or even Sam Jones).

  8. Sharman is a good call… I could buy that.

  9. Havlicek NOT starting? You must be smoking the wacky. And Denis Johnson over JoJo? And yes I like Hanry Finkel!

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