Brandon Jennings Going To Europe

Brandon Jennings (Courtesy

Brandon Jennings (Courtesy

I personally consider this to be a very important… if not THE MOST important story for the future of college basketball and the NBA.  High School phenom Brandon Jennings is not going to college next year… he’s going to spend a year playing in Europe.

I’ve already said that I’m against this move.  But if this move works, then we’re about to see the end of college basketball as we know it.  If it works, all the best high schoolers are going to go overseas and cash in… instead of playing college ball.  After that… the guys who THINK they’re phenoms will go there too.

That leaves the third best crop of kids to play for the best schools in the country.  Suddenly, Duke, UNC and UCLA are drawing players who might once have been option #2 and Davidson.  Then what happens to the mid-majors? 

That leaves fans in a tough situation.  On one hand… I don’t want to see the demise of NCAA basketball.  On the other, who the hell am I to tell this kid not to go make some money now while he can? 

I know systems evolve and things change.  I mean… once upon a time the NIT was the biggest tourney around.  But the NBA NEEEEEEDS college basketball to be viable.  It needs all of us to watch college hoops, fall in love with players, and have debates when the draft lottery comes out.  Beasley or Rose… Oden or Durant.  It made people watch a crappy Sonics team this year when they normally wouldn’t.  Hell.. I WENT to the Celtics-Sonics game just to see what Durant was about.  It’s going to make people watch the Blazers, Heat and Bulls this year with a little added interest.

We’re not going to watch some random European team because it’s got this Jennings kid on it.  Their 7pm games will start in the late morning on the east coast… 7 am sometimes out west.  That’s not going to work. 

No… this is bad, bad, bad, bad.  Bad for everything we love about the NBA.  I hate to say it… but unless David Stern steps in with some sort of rule.. I have to root against this kid.  I have to root for this kid to fail miserably and fall into the second round or go undrafted.  At that point, I’ll root for him to hook on with a team, play well, and earn a big contract… but I feel like I HAVE to root hard against him right now… just to uphold the system that makes the NBA what it is.


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  1. This will force the NCAA to pay players…finally. The question is….will they get laid in Europe like they would on campus?

  2. in that case USC has been ahead of the game for a while!

  3. What do you think, start paying college players somehow (not sure how this would work fairly) or start putting some real money in the D-league? Just wondering your opinion. I think the NCAA has been using these kids for a long time and to only offer an free education in return (which doesn’t cost them anything near what they charge regular students, so to claim it could be worth over $100K it is more like $60k max) just doesn’t seem right when they could go in the draft and get a job that could start them off at over $500K a year to start. I personally would love to see the D-league invested in.

  4. this could efff a lot of things up

  5. this guy just want to step up to a pro level.
    Europe baskeball is a lot more skilled, tuff, than NCAA basketball.
    He’s going to play against pro player and learn good fundamentals.
    I think it’s a good thing. We can compare this to the HS to NBA jump like KG did.
    He just want to learn faster and make some money. He’ll have the occasion to visit Europe too ! This is great. I think he’s making a good choice, and it won’t end this NCAA stuff you got in the US.
    Don’t worry about that

  6. i agree that this could really mess up the lower level college programs. i’m not really sure there is a proper way to go about paying college level players. I mean does a kid that gets on with a duke/unc/ucla type program get paid more than some of the lesser division one programs? or do you pay all the kids in D1 the same regardless of school and skill level. then pay all the kids in d2 or d11a whatever its called something else. with all the programs on some kind of profit sharing program.

    i have no idea here… this kid is the #1 talent coming out of high school right? i really haven’t watched him, but his he heads and shoulders above everyone else. how many talented kids does that leave that could play D1 but euro teams wouldnt put under contract?

    very interesting stuff here

  7. Doesn’t this piss you off that Brandon Jennings is 18 years old just graduated from high school and everybody is talking about him like he’s god. It’s just basketball he’s playing. Anyways, I hope him the best. Not going to college will just make him stupider and he’ll just get ripped off by his agent like many other have like Kareem, Pippen.

  8. Anybody know how much players in the D-league get paid? It can’t be millions of dollars right? After all the players suck. How much money did Mike Taylor make before getting drafted?

  9. I really don’t see what the big deal here is.

    Most of the kids who go to college as a stepping stone to Pro Sports are just wasting the time and resources of the schools anyway, as very few of them graduate, nor do they have any intention of using their school work ever.

    I kind of agree that drafting kids right out of high school is a mistake on the maturity side of things – but a D league or European league deal makes MUCH more sense from a basketball standpoint than being forced to attend a college you aren’t going to actually study at, for a short time. It’s taking a seat in a classroom away from a student who actually WANTS to attend college.

    As for the comments about “What is this going to do to college Basketball, this is a tragedy!!!” Complete Crapola. College Basketball already sucks for the most part. There are too many teams, and most of the players suck. Only 5% of them go pro. It’s a hair above the WNBA, talent-wise.

    The only people worried about College Basketball are gambling addicts who blow their whole paychecks on betting the lines every week.

  10. Yeah I personally have never really had an interest in March Madness or the NCAA in any form really. The top prospects in college are entertaining to watch and see what might be but this is not going to take anything away from the NBA, It might actually improve the skill of these players better so when drafted and invested in by teams they are getting more back initially and it is not so long term. I don’t really see this as a bad thing at all.

  11. […] one, but two players choosing to go for the money overseas, rather than wait for it here at home.  Brandon Jennings has chosen Europe over a one-and-done stint at Arizona.  And now Josh Childress is considering a 3 year, $20 million […]

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