It’s Past Midnight… Do You Know Where Your Free Agents Are?

At this writing, it’s 12:30 and nothing has been made official yet.  The reports are still reports… but we’re watching. 

As for the Celtics… well… if you believe Danny (and really, you shouldn’t believe any GM’s right now), the Celtics will have nothing to announce Wednesday.  He still wants to keep Posey, but he won’t go overboard.

“We can’t get caught up in chasing players and getting into a bidding war. There are some players you do have to outbid the rest of the league for, but we’re trying to stay within our plan for what we need to do.”

“We have over $60 million tied up in the Big Three,” Ainge said. “We’re spending big for the stars and then trying to be careful the rest of the way.”

The Herald reports Danny is ready to give Poz 4 years at the mid-level… but Danny didn’t give them the same indication.  So stay tuned.


The NBA has officially set its salary cap this year:  $58.68 million.  The luxury tax level is $71.15 million.  The MLE is $5.585 million.  There is also a minimum salary… which means no payroll can be below $44.01 million.

By comparision… last year’s cap was $55.63 mil. and the luxury tax was set at $67.865 mil.

As for the Celtics, they have 9 players under contract (the big 3, Rondo, Perk, Scal, Leon, Baby and Pruitt) at a total of $71.37 million.  So they’re ALREADY over the luxury tax by about $200,000.  Any money they pay to sign anyone right now will have to be matched, dollar-for-dollar, in luxury tax.  That means if the Celtics pay Posey $5 mil this year, the owners are essentially paying $10 mil.    Keep that in mind when throwing figures around.


11 Responses

  1. As there’s nothing to comment on, I’ll add this quote from ESPN I just read about Mario Chalmers being Rondo-esque:

    “Adam Hoff of Section F Sports has long been in love with Mario Chalmers, who had a strong summer league debut: “He showed better playmaking skills than even I expected, his jumper still looked quiet and consistent (as always), and his D was just tremendous. He was physical and quick and doing all the Rondo kinds of things that Seattle spent the #4 pick hoping to get from Russell Westbrook.”

    Rajon Rondo . . . the new prototype.

  2. that’s awesome

  3. all i see in this move is to be a celtic vs sixers match up in the eastern conference finals

  4. I don’t think Brand puts them in the ECF

  5. They’ll have a decent squad… Iquodala, Brand and Dalembert is a good 3,4, 5 combo. Iggy and Brand do all the scoring… Sam is their version of Perk (in terms of rebounding and blocking shots)… Andre Miller is a good PG… Thaddeus Young has a lot of potential.

    I’m not saying they definitely make the ECF…. but I wouldn’t be shocked if they did.

  6. Philly could definitely grab a top 4 seed. After that who knows what happens. Getting Brand though to me is the top offseason move outside of draft picks so far.

  7. […] departure is business as usual Magic lure Pietrus away from Warriors Red’s Army It’s past midnight, do you know where your free agents are? Sports of Boston Celtics four point play 7/9 Dallas News Green can dunk, but Dallas Mavericks want […]

  8. Phili could certainly end up in the ECF.
    1. Boston
    2. Orlando
    3. Phili
    4. Detroit
    5. Toronto
    6. Cleveland
    7. Washington
    8. Milwaukee or Chicago

  9. cleveland is better than toronto, and until farther notice detroit is still the second best team in the east

    nobody has leapfroged the pistons yet

    heres how i rank the teams as of now
    11.indiana jersey

    this is only if atlanta resigns their players, detroit doesn’t mess up their core, and if o’neal stays healthy

  10. So Phili only moves up one spot despite adding the best low-post scorer in the game? They go from having a revolving door of PF’s to having one of the best in the game, and they are the 6 seed in the East? I don’t think so.

  11. The East playoff race may be as tight as it was in the West last season. I believe Orlando will be our toughest competition next year and now Toronto and Philly could be beasts too. If Cleveland and Detroit don’t make any moves I think they’ll slip next year. And Washington was the team that scared me the most last season if they played the Celts.

    1. Boston
    2. Orlando
    3. Detroit
    4. Washington
    5. Toronto
    6. Philadelphia
    7. Cleveland
    8. Atlanta or Chicago

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