Why Darius Miles Probably Won’t Play For Us

darius miles and kevin garnett

darius miles and kevin garnett

There you were… eating your cereal one morning… reading Red’s Army like you always do (like… you… ALWAYS…. do. [menacing stare]) and up pops the story of Darius Miles impressing the Celtics in a workout

…. and out shoots cereal from your nose.

“Darius Miles… What the…..!?!?!?!”

Celtics fans (and Kevin Pritchard) were aghast at the possibility of Miles in Green.  But I say relax.  The Darius Miles case might get very ugly for a lot of people… but I’d be surprised if its with us.  TrueHoop explains why:

“My own sources tell me that the NBA e-mailed the thirty teams, confidentially, to tell them Miles had violated the anti-drug policy and would be suspended ten games. So the teams knew……

“Everyone knows, however, that the Blazers have a business interest in keeping Darius Miles from playing in the League in the next two years — if he plays ten games, his medical retirement is over, and Miles’ salary is back counting against Portland’s salary cap and luxury tax number….

“Let’s just say that Boston liked what they saw, and put Miles on the list of players to offer a 10-day contract to in the middle of next season.  They make all their moves in the interim with that in mind. Then they offer him the contract, and the contract goes to the League office for approval … and then the Celtics learn that he’d be suspended for the duration of the contract they’re offering, and beyond.”

Oh… it gets better… but I’d have to republish the whole thing to do it any justice.  And as much as I want to be Henry Abbot (I hear he’s 7 feet tall, shoots fireballs from his eyes and lightning bolts from his arse)… I can’t do that.  Just go read about how Miles’ failed test might be about performance enhancing drugs… leaked medical records… and perhaps an NBA conspiracy. 

You know… standard NBA practice.


4 Responses

  1. I just read that Miles article twice…and have no clue what the hell Abbot is talking about.

  2. let’s be fair here Chuck… you only just figured out Thomas the Tank Engine.

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