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Here are a few things to tide you over until we hear something new about anything.  The C’s probably won’t make a move until the Posey situation is resolved, since almost everything else depends on his signing.

Steve Bulpett opines that all these other signings are driving Posey’s price up

Is the East the new haven for Bigs?  With Brand now here, Jermaine O’Neal joining Chris Bosh in Toronto, and the guys like Dwight Howard and KG around… the Eastern Conference is looking tougher.  SI’s Marty Burns, meanwhile, says don’t bash Brand because he left the Clippers.  Hollinger thinks the Sixers are now contenders.

ESPN ranks the remaining free agents.  In case anyone’s worried about Tyronn Lue, he’s probably going to Phoenix.

Here’s a piece on Tony Allen in a Tulsa paper (for those who don’t know, TA is an OSU product) about his redemption from some personal problems.

Ronny Turiaf looks to be heading to Golden State.  Andrew Bogut is getting a $72.5 million extension.  If you missed any of the recent transactions, just go to the NBA’s transactions page.  Basically.. it’s easier than me typing it out.  Never underestimate my laziness, folks.

And did you hear… Oklahoma City has a basketball team?  Everyone is trying to guess what the name will be.  You can vote for your choice on Ball Don’t Lie.


4 Responses

  1. Apparently I got scammed by Posey’s agent. I figured with all the “interest” he’s getting from other teams, he’d have signed when the moratorium passed…yet he’s still unsigned…hmm, maybe he doesn’t have the 5 yr deal. In fact maybe he doesn’t have a 4 yr deal. I hope this gets done tonight…

  2. “Oklahoma City Bombers” would be an insensitive and inappropriate name for the new franchise, but George Carlin would enjoy it.

  3. Right on all counts Dre.

  4. Right on Dre, was waiting for someone to bring it up. I’m an Aussie so I wasn’t sure if I should do it – I’ve gotten myself into trouble before with jokes like that! Gotta say it was the first name that sprang to my mind. Not blaming the people of OKC and I’m sure they’ll be great fans but I really feel for sonics fan out there.

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