Love That Bling

Courtesy: Boston Herald

Wondering what’s got Kevin Garnett’s attention? He looking at a picture of the Celtics championship ring on Wyc Grousebeck’s Blackberry. Take a look for yourself….(after the jump. Don’t roll your eyes, we gotta eat.)

Courtesy: Boston Herald


6 Responses

  1. ooooooh…… meeeeee WANTY!!!

    I hope to hell they pull a Red Sox and auction one of those things off… or have some kind of lottery system.

  2. WOW I really like the ring too. Not too much but at the same time not too cheap looking & I sure hope they do an Auction too.

  3. Anyone going to the dvd promos today? I’m going to the fye promo with Leon Powe and Kendrick Perkins tonight (6-8pm) in downtown crossing.

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  5. If anyone goes and gets pictures… send it along

  6. […] * Red’s Army does a great job of covering the Celtics and one of my favourite posts from the past year is the one of KG’s reaction to seeing the Championship rings. […]

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