This Cat Perk Is A Bad Mother…

We knew Perk wasn’t at full strength in the Finals.  We know he was in pain.  Funny thing is… he didn’t really care.

Kendrick Perkins estimated he was at between 60 and 80 percent health during the five games of the NBA Finals in which he played…. 

Perkins said he has no regrets about playing through the strain in Game 6.  “Yeah, I knew about it,” he said of the extent of the injury. “But I wasn’t sitting.”

The article goes on to highlight Perk’s general bad-assitude… and how awesome it feels to be a champion.  He says he won’t miss any of training camp.

Hey… remember this thing from Paul Pierce?  (or this from Danny Ainge).  He’s apparently inspiring the NFL… which is hiring an expert to study gang signs being flashed by players.  Red’s Army has found the exclusive identity of that expert:

Fiftizeen Yizards Fo Tizaunting... Beyotch

"Fiftizeen Yizards Fo' Tizaunting... Beyotch"


5 Responses

  1. Ha, I’m going to see Snoop on Friday at the Tweeter Center.

    John, have you heard anything on other teams interested in TA or Eddie?

  2. nothing at all on Tony…. Eddie’s agent is only saying this:

    “Eddie’s not going to sign for one year at the minimum. There’s no chance of that. He’s got two or three offers on the table right now for more than that.”

    As for with whom… who knows.

  3. Why didn’t you enter this into the perkisabeast photo shop contest?

  4. Dunno…. figured I’d leave that up to the readers. Feel free to post it though, if you want.

  5. wow thats wat up cccccrrrrrriiipppppppppz 4 life nigggggggaaaaassss

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