Now We Can Start Making Moves

Now that the Posey stuff is out of the way, Danny can start making some moves.  That’s good news.  Everything hinged on PoZ.  He was either going to get signed and we’d cobble together what was left…. or we’d be here… with a full MLE to split up. 

Our starting 5 is coming back.  That much we know.  After that, it’s kind of a mess right now.  So here’s where we stand:

  • Returning:  Glen Davis, Leon Powe, Gabe Pruitt, Brian Scalabrine
  • Signed Free Agent:  Patrick O’Bryant
  • Unsigned Draft Picks:  JR Giddens, Bill Walker, Semih Erden
  • Potential Losses:  Tony Allen, PJ Brown, Sam Cassell, Eddie House, Scott Pollard
  • Gone:  James Posey

The starting 5 and our bench (including O’Bryant) equal 10 players.  Giddens and Walker make 12.  That means probably 1 or 2 players will be signed.  Danny will leave some wiggle room with an empty slot or two for later in the season.  Plus, with the C’s in luxury tax land… they won’t pay anyone they don’t have to pay.

First order of business… sign our draft picks.  Giddens needs to get into town soon so we can figure out how much of James Posey’s production he’ll replace.  Maybe he and Walker can combine to take care of more of the load.  We won’t know until they’re both in the fold and playing (which Walker should be able to do in 2 weeks or so).


22 Responses

  1. Giddens and Walker might fill Posey’s shoes during the regular season…but we can’t expect them to do what he did in the playoffs.

    I want a role player with the balls to take big shots. How about Michael Finley?

  2. Don’t forget there’s a lot of good guys on the trade block for mid season.

  3. Might as well keep House for that.

  4. there you go BigMck join the sign finley bandwagon

    *though it does officially end if and when the C’s don’t sign filey

  5. offensively Finley is prob better than posey but as far as the other things he did…Defensive and the intagibles…he is not a good fit. I think im going for a push on Josh Childress for the full MLE or going cheap on S.Livingston and possible either Karrem Rush…Maurice Evans or Gomes then just waitng til mid season and seeing whats available.

  6. I know its kinda crazy but how about L. Deng from the bulls. maybe a sign and trade? I don’t know what the c’s would give up but hey.. its just trade talk

  7. almost forgot…what about Matt Barnes from GS…I think he would be a nice fit…..then take a chance on Darius Miles……still alot of potential guys that can help us maintain or even get better.

  8. D Miles? I’d take Barnes proven production over any possible upside of Miles…..I like Livingston for an upside cheap pickup

  9. Split the mid-level exception and sign two players.

    Matt Barnes at $3.8 million for two years.
    Tony Allen at $2 million for two years.


  10. Maybe get 3 with the MLE? Where did the $$ for O’bryant come from?

    Tony might not get that much, lower the Barnes deal a little, and then resign House?

  11. They are just offering the veteran minimum to House for one year. They won’t need to use any of the MLE for Eddie.

  12. split the mle between house and finley, or offer childress the full mle and try to get livingston for the vets min

    your not gonna get house for the vets min

  13. I personally would like to see Pruitt groomed as Rondo’s backup. He’s here, he doesn’t cost us anything extra, he can do the point guard stuff we ask of him (get the ball over half court, find the open guy) and he can shoot. Our PG, head coach and Big Three can develop this guy and get him up to speed. Try to keep Eddie with a 1 or 2 year contract for his shooting and instant offense off the bench.

    Woulda been nice to get Posey back but he’s not irreplaceable. If he doesn’t want to be a Celtic, fuck him we don’t need him. Danny will get it done with the draft picks we got and what’s on the free agent market.

  14. I like Devin Brown from the Cavs nobody is talking about him. The Celtics should sign Michael Finley and Robert Horry. This will make them old but very experienced. And Damon Stoudamire isn’t bad if Eddie House leaves. Maybe Kurt Thomas if the Celtics can afford him.

  15. and tim duncan, manu ginobili, and tony parker, oh and then lets hire popovich as are head coach, and move to san antonio and change are name to the spurs

  16. maybe we could just sign one of those lumps s off pop’s face. big enough to guard the 3/4 spots i bet

  17. Pruitt did it big out here in LA, so despite the fact that he plays for the hated Celtics, we definitely see him as a solid NBA level PG who we wish a lot of luck.

    The big potential losses are Tony Allen, Eddie House, and PJ Brown.

    Tony Allen- I know he hasn’t been there as much as you’d like, but I seriously believe he has it in him to be a great player for the Celts.

    Eddie House- He just provides that offensive burst that defensively oriented teams like the Celts need from someone.

    PJ Brown- His absence will truly be felt in the Playoffs rather than the regular season. Can’t replace hard nosed, tough, playoff experience.

  18. Wait… I forgot DerMarr Johnson he’s a free agent too. And Francisco Elson as a big to replace PJ Brown.

  19. I think we bring back Ryan Gomes, he’s a good defender and he has improved his outside game as well. I’m sure he would like to come back to the C’s.

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  21. I’m starting to get enthused about Darius Miles. I’d forgotten that KG is his idol.

  22. Well first, we did sign TA to a two year deal, and House aswell, but… dont leave are picks from the draft in the dark, id have to say this is one of are best drafts yet! i mean we got a steal with walker, hes top 5 pick quality, and Giddens, well i dont know much about him, but from what ive herd and seen on youtube he looks realy good, and we dont need anyboddy to replace posey, posey came in handy during the playoffs, ys but we shouldent be saying that someone who has the potentile to be a star of this team neends to be acting like posey

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