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Jesse Haley

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So… The Mongoose is gone.  At least he’ll be in a conference where he can pick on The Mamba more often.  But I’ll add my name to the chorus of saying as much as I hate seeing PoZ go… 4 years at $25 mil. is too much.  John Hollinger has a very good breakdown of that argument.

since this is so hard for people to remember, I’ll say it again: The Hornets aren’t paying for what Posey gave the Celtics last year, or what he gave the Heat in 2006, but for what he can potentially give the Hornets from 2008 to 2012. And that production is likely to diminish substantially from its already modest levels.

Comb through the books and try to find perimeter players who played well until 35 — it’s tough. Now try to find some who played well ’til that age after scoring single figures in their 20s. Good luck.

But like any other break-up… sitting around and crying for too long about it will mean you miss some opportunities.  We’ve got to move on quickly and find our next 6th man.  We’ve got a $5.6 million MLE.  Names that have been thrown around before (like James Jones and Mickael Pietrus) are off the market. So what are our options?

  • Tony Allen:  There has been zero news about Tony Allen, although his agent insists today that there is interest.  He also expects the Celtics to make an offer.  They could have retained him by making a qualifying offer of $2.5 million when he was restricted.  Let’s see if not paying him that money works out in their favor.  I’m still on the fence about this.
  • Maurice Evans:  He’s 29, he made $1.7 mil last season, so maybe a 2 or 3 year deal in the $3 mil per year range would do the trick.  I think he’s a good defender, he’ll be able to score a little, and he can play a couple of different positions.   
  • Matt Barnes:  He made $3 mil last year… so I don’t know how much more of a raise he’s looking for.  Other teams also have interest… but other teams are also over the cap.  I don’t want to use the full MLE on this guy… but other teams might feel desperate.
  • Shaun Livingston:  Not a Posey replacement per se, but he was a promising young point guard that might be looking to prove big things.  A 1-year deal at low money… in a situation where there’s no real pressure and a ton of great veteran talent might be a very smart move for this kid.  The Suns are also interested in him(they’re interested in Cassell too)

There are other names out there:  Devean George, Devin Brown…. the Globe mentions Bostjan Nachbar and Bonzi wells… but they don’t thrill me.  People want Ryan Gomesback… which would be nice… but I think he’s staying in Minnesota.  I didn’t mention Eddie House because I still think that the Celtics are going to let him walk.  There’s a reason we brought Sam Cassell in last season… I don’t think the C’s see him as having the same value as others do.  Regardless… Danny has some work to do

I don’t want to spoil it for you… but here’s a list of the ESPY winners.  The C’s do win something… and in the acceptance… Ray Allen says “Another win in LA.”  If you watch for it in the broadcast… be sure to stay focused for Derek Fisher’s reaction.  Priceless.


10 Responses

  1. Hmmmmm….. where have I seen a post like this one before?

  2. Wow, are they allowed to do that? I guess in todays world of blogging its ok? (Although still LAME)

  3. It’s one thing when blogs rip each other off (which is usually policed among ourselves… that shit gets called out quickly). But it’s a very big coincidence to see a major paper pull that off.

  4. Thats true! Somewhat flattering though huh??

  5. Sign Tony to a 1 year deal with a player option for about $2M per…I’d like to see something like that.

    As for Gomes, I don’t really get it. I liked him while he was here, very personable, New England bred kid and all that, but he’s still an undersized 4, isn’t he? I know he’s worked on his outside shot, but I don’t see him as a viable option as a 3. I don’t like the idea of him taking minutes from Powe either…

    Assuming Giddens and Walker get signed, that means there are 3 spots open. I wonder if Danny will leave an empty spot like last year. I think it would be ideal if he could but the team really needs another PG and a veteran wing (as I see it anyway). I guess we could wing it, leave the last spot open, go with Pat O’Bryant a la Pollard from last year, but that doesn’t really make me warm and tingly.

  6. […] Blog Lue close to signing 1 year deal Hoopsworld Hornet reacts to Posey deal Red’s Army Now what? Bostonist So long James Eric Musselman Clips, Hornets get better with additions of Camby, Posey […]

  7. since we need a veteran wing here is how i would rank possible free agents in terms of how they would fit witht the C’s

    1. Josh Childress: it would cost us the full MLE but this guiy is definitely worth it, the downside is that any offer he receives from us can be matched by atlanta

    2. Michael Finley: good player, knows how to win, can shoot the three; not sure if he would be willing to leave texas though

    3. Kareem Rush: shoots the three well, athletic, not sure what kind of D he plays though

    4. Matt Barnes: im not as high on the barnes bandwagon as much of you but he does shoot and defend well

    5. Gordon Giricek: he can shoot really well, thats all you can say about him

    the best of the rest are: gomes- i left him off this list because i think he is more of a small four than a three, and he can’t shoot threes, flip murray, devin brown, devin george, ricky davis, bonzi wells, and maurice evans

    so there’s pretty much all the options via free agency, im a little ancy about what will actually happen

  8. There’s still Tony Allen who is a better defender than all of those guys. Obviously he’s short for a three, but he’s enough of an athletic freak to make up for it. He would have done a better job on Lebron than Posey did in the playoffs (I think people forget how awful Posey was in that series, especially games 3-6 as I remember it).

  9. I’m thrilled for Norm Duke winning the ESPY for Bowler of the Year. His back to back wins at the Denny’s World Championship and Denny’s U.S. Open were history-making.

    (I had to look all that up on the PBA website just to make that joke; I’m not sure it was worth it)

    It seems I’m much higher on Bonzi Wells than others. Especially if we’re talking about Michael Finley and Gordon Giricek. Ugh.

  10. I think Wells would be a good addition to the C’s. He can make up for Posey’s -. He’s a good defender and match anybody up with KG and they will learn to bust their ass.

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