Three Years: Too Much?

This is all very new for us.  Playing armchair GM for a World Champion is different than doing it for an also-ran.  Our inclination is to re-sign all of our guys and go at it again with what we had last year.  But that is obviously not going to happen… and maybe it shouldn’t. 

To keep James Posey, we would have needed to go 4 years… which could have been a problem down the road.  And now to keep Tony Allen and Eddie House, the Celtics might have to go 3 years.  This is buried at the very end of Marc Spears’s piece today about Marcus Camby whining about his trade:

an NBA source said the Celtics are still strongly interested in signing two of their free agents, guards Eddie House and Tony Allen. The source, however, said House and Allen are receiving interest from other teams, and are seeking three-year deals.

I don’t know about you guys… but 3 years definitely sounds like too long of a deal for Tony Allen.  Maybe Eddie too.  I could maybe be convinced to do 3 years, $7-$8 million for House… but will anyone give more than $2 mil/year to a guy who has a career average of 7.5 ppg?  I used to think Eddie was worth $3 mil/year or so… but I’m not sure what he’ll get in this market.

As for Tony… he’s got a lot to prove.  I don’t know how many GM’s are going to give that guy 2 years, never mind 3.  He needs a Posey-type deal from last year where he’s got a player option for year 2, so he’s got a little security but also the “contract year” pressure.

Hey, if you want one of those new Celtics license plates…. go to the Watertown Mall on Tuesday… sign up for one… and get your picture taken with the Larry O’Brien trophy.  Big Baby will be there too.

The hot rumor out there is that the new OKC team will be called “The Thunder.”  Lame.


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  2. A guy on another blog suggested “The Bombers” the other day for the OKC team. I loved it, but we all know nobody has the balls for that.

    I don’t like the singular team names, in general. So I think they should go with something like the Twisters, the Cyclones, the Cowboys, etc.

  3. How about the OKC Doomed Trailer Park Residents?

  4. At least they aren’t the Bobcats. I feel sorry for Charlotte but if they work hard and focus they might make the 5A state title game.

  5. Wizards Head Coach Eddie Jordan: Wizards can unseat Celtics

    How about them apples guys? The new Big Three next season?

  6. If we don’t think Tony Allen is worth 3 years, we shouldn’t sign him at all. We already have seen him for years. He’s either hurt, not playing, or showing flashes. Either we should commit now or let him go. A one year contract isn’t going to change anything. Plus, if he has a real good year, then he’s going to want a raise, whereas we could lock him up cheap now. That’s my opinion anyway.

  7. Please tell me we’re not getting Devean George? Ill take Tony for 3 years over George for any amount of time. I still think Barnes is the best replacement for Posey.

  8. I agree I actually have always been a fan of Barnes’ and I still feel he would be most worth the money

  9. Matt Barnes is gone.

  10. Crap!

  11. thats alright, barnes sucks anyway, ill take either spending the full MLE on childress and then taking fliers on guys like shaun livingston and fransico elson, OR splitting the MLE on michael finley and eddie house, seeing how much that leaves
    us to possibly spend it on tony or elson, or maybe even livingston too

  12. if we could pry an unrestricted free agent away for the full MLE who would you want it to be:

    josh childress

    monte ellis

    ben gordon

    luis williams

    or Delonte West

    these are obviously the choices because i dont think we could pry smith or deng or andre for only the MLE

    i personally prefer childress to fit the mold of this particular team

    Josh Childress is considering Europe.

  14. wow. Well.. that’s my favorite Greek team… so score for me.

  15. Shocked the boys haven’t reported this yet, but Tony Allen and Eddie House sign 2-yr deals to remain Celtics. I like it.


  16. This is what happens when Chuck goes away. I need an iPhone so I can post from the gym.

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