So… We’re Done… Right?

Now that we’ve got TA and EHouse back in the mix… Patrick O’Bryant to back up Perk… and just some housekeeping to finish by signing our draft picks… then that’s it, right?

We’ll be heading into camp with 14 guys (once Walker and Giddens are locked up).  That means one or two NBDL’ers… and then 12 or 13 guys in uniform.  That leaves us an open spot for a “PJ Brown” signing in February.  Remember… we don’t have to replace PJ Brown.  We went the whole regular season without him and we were fine. 

The owners, I’m sure, aren’t going to throw another $5 mil away for a 15th player ($2.5 mil MLE x 2 for the luxury tax) unless they absolutely have to.  If there any other move to be made… it would be some kind of trade… and I’m not sure that’s coming. 

August is always a deadly month for roster moves in the NBA… so be sure to stay tuned for the insanity that we’ll have to come up with to fill this space. 

I just started up a Twitter page… so you can follow us on that too.

You Bassy fans will like this:  He’s going back to Minnesota after signing a multi-year deal.  And the best news of the day for me… Robert Horry might finally be going away.

And if you’ve got a minute… stop by Ball Don’t Lie… They’re doing a live chat ALL…. DAY…. LONG.  Stop in, ask a question… participate… and help them out.


5 Responses

  1. Who is replacing Posey? Definitely not TA. And I don’t buy a rookie stepping in to fill that role either….Danny will sign another body….hello Devean George.

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  3. I don’t see them signing the rookies and another wing. Apparently Ainge said on WEEI backup 5 is the position of most concern at the moment. I tend to agree. It should be a priority to keep Garnett out of the 5-hole as much as possible this year.

  4. Devean George will replace Posey? Don’t think so.

    TA is going to have to do it. Maybe along with Giddens or Walker. Glen Davis was a rookie last year and he did just fine. There’s no way we head into camp with a maxed out roster.

  5. Sign Brandon Wallace. Very athletic and can guard the SF’s. That is where we have a hole. He can rebound and hit the three as well. Powe and Davis can handle the stronger SF’s that could push his thin frame around

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