Donaghy Gets 15 Months

Disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy was sentenced to 15 months in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty last year to taking thousands of dollars in payoffs from a professional gambler for inside betting tips.

The sentencing of Donaghy closes a chapter in a scandal that convulsed the NBA, which has angrily denied Donaghy’s claim that corruption among referees runs deeper.

15 months? That’s it? With good behavior, he’ll be out in less than a year. This story has puzzled me from the beginning. It took the mass media days, if not weeks, before realizing the relevance of the scandal. David Stern came out on his high-horse and talked down to anyone who suggested the remote possibility that more referees could be involved. And the media let him. Now this scumbag will be out of jail within a year.


9 Responses

  1. a undersized white guy, with no gang connections and very little street smarts. Oh yea convicted of a non-volient crime, that year will be hell…….Good luck Tim, don’t drop the……………..

  2. It’s weird that this story was so miniscule in the media, especially compared to the Matt Walsh bullsh*t. I guess it shows you how much the NFL has over taken the NBA in popularity over the last 10-20 years.

  3. Whether he stays in prison 15 month or 15 years, it changes nothing about the NBA or its leadership.

  4. Here’s hoping Timmy gets a Sacamento King fan for a cellmate.

  5. One glaring oversight that I only started to hear today:

    One of the pieces of information that he gave the gamblers was who was reffing the games…. and their relationships with players and coaches.

    Why hasn’t the NBA addressed the fact that the simple matter of which crew refs the games can be such an influence on wins and losses?? It’s the most disgusting thing to me.


    get off the rockets lakers and boston, you ain’t got nothing on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. A Rockets fan?? That’s new… this site is getting more popular by the day…

  8. lol a rockets fan? you are high over getting artest. You’ll be good but not better than us

  9. Fucking donaghy. He deserves at least 3-5 years. lol maybe he paid the judge

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