Lakers Fans Need A Little Refresher

(NSFW Lyrics)

We’ve dealt with Hawks fans… Cavs fans… and Pistons fans.  They all had the good sense to go away after the Celtics beat them in the playoffs. 

But not Lakers fans.  They, for some reason, seem to think games 7, 8, and 9 still have to be played.  Hey LA fans:  You lost.  And it wasn’t even really close.  It was the easiest series of the playoffs.  The Hawks gave us more problems than you.  It was an embarrassment.  And to top it all off… you STILL haven’t addressed your most glaring need while teams around you are making moves to get better.  And no, Bynum isn’t the answer.  You need a perimeter defender.

So considering the reaction to Paul Pierce’s comments… I just wanted to remind you that right now… he can say what he wants… and that video is why.


12 Responses

  1. “We’ve dealt with Hawks fans… Cavs fans… and Pistons fans. They all had the good sense to go away after the Celtics beat them in the playoffs.

    But not Lakers fans. They, for some reason, seem to think games 7, 8, and 9 still have to be played.”

    Maybe that’s because they live on planet Laker fan.

  2. Ah yes… planet Laker fan…. where every dish in the buffet is paste.

  3. Can we get this post to repeat on the 1st of every month?

  4. It is about as boring as them thinking they would have beat us if Bynum were playing. They forgot we DID beat them when Bynum was playing during the regular season

  5. Ahhh, just what I needed after a long crappy day in L.A. Come home, turn on the computer, and my favorite website reminds me that life is good.

    I am reminded daily how desperate flakers fans are. I see Western conference champions and koMe MVP 08 shirts around the city all day. I laugh a little inside everytime at these losers. And I can’t stop from laughing at koMe everytime I see Olympic team clips on the tube, LOSER AND ASS TASTER!

  6. I’d like to direct Kobe to the 20 seconds of awesomeness that begins at 2:06

  7. Lakers fans really wear Western Conf. champs shirts? Please “I bleed green in LA” take a picture of one of these fools and email it to us so we can post it on this site.

    That video was awesome…memories of the greatest comeback ever actually faded from my brain…I need to watch Game 4 again.

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  9. Nicholson was right Kobe – You can’t handle the Truth. Best hi-lite reel in years, Keep it going Redsarmy!

  10. Great stuff. I can’t wait until the Celtics trounce them WITH a healthy Andrew “The Second Coming of Wilt, Shaq, Miken, and Kareem” Bynum.

  11. Awesome. I love that mix, I’ve seen it somewhere else before. Pretty sure it was over at

    Yeah, my best friend is a Lakers fan. He was really ticking me off after game 5 when he said the Lakers were still in the series and still had a chance. They had no chance whatsoever after game 4. When you see Kobe Bryant shut down by Paul Pierce and the rest of the C’s awesome defense, there was no chance. They won game 5, but all they did was prolong the inevitable.

    Planet Lakerfan. Where Odom can actually step up when needed happens. Where Kobe deserves to even be in the MVP conversation happens. Where Pau isn’t a soft, 7ft tall mama’s boy happens.
    Planet Lakerfan. Where Disillusionment happens.

  12. Too funny. I live in Costa Rica, where for some reason there are an overwhelming amount of Fakers fans. Most of these guys have yet to accept reality almost 2 months after the fact. You gotta love em, who else can we laugh at so much…

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