Rockets Steal Artest From Kings

Crazy Ron-Ron is taking his act to the Houston Rockets. The Kings agreed to trade away their volatile yet talented swingman for Donte Greene (the 28th pick in this year’s draft), Bobby Jackson and a first round pick in 2009. Wait, there must be more. Nope. This ranks right up there with the Pau Gasol heist. Since Houston has a solid core (55-27 last season) and only has to pay Artest $7 million for one year, they must feel he’s worth the risk. And it looks like Ron is ready to fight for a title:

Said Artest: “Boston kind of blitzed the whole league with that trio they have. To pretty much compete for a championship, you need a trio and some great role players. I guess if it’s McGrady, Yao and Artest … I’ll let everybody else do the math.”

If Artest stays sane, and that’s a big IF, I see the Rockets as the best team in the Western conference. And you can tell Rockets fans feel the same way because they are already coming to Red’s Army to talk smack.

In other news, it looks like Luol Deng is about to get $71 million from the Bulls.


11 Responses

  1. Yea, best team in the west no doubt but Luis Scola is still Sloth (hey you guys!!!!) ugly!!!!! who do thewy have comming of the bench??????

  2. Rockets coach is Adelman, right, Ron-Ron’s old coach? Maybe he can get one productive year out of Artest…

    Competition in the West is a good thing fellas. Lower chance of facing the Lakers. More roughed up Western team in the finals.

  3. Wow. This could push Houston and McGrady out of the first round!

  4. If he “stays sane”? When did he become sane? 2 late first round picks and a bench player is Gasolish but it’s a whole new game when you add in the Artest Factor. They should be right up there in the West though…

    Although I’m finding it hard to believe Yao is going to make it through the season after busting his ass to play in the Olympics. They had better resign Landry. Battier, Landry, Mutombo, and Brent Barry is a pretty good bench…I’d be psyched to see a Celtics-Rockets Finals. The only problem on the Houston side is that Crazy Ron-Ron is almost guaranteed to melt down before then. The season is just too long for him to contain the craziness.

  5. To point out the obvious with actual #’s:

    Games played over the last 3 years:
    Yao – 55, 48, 57
    TMac – 66, 71, 47
    Artest – 57, 70, 56

    It’s gonna be a great 2/3 of a season in Houston.

  6. he’s got you boston fans do some math. the better big three in the league brought together on 7/29/2008

    you ain’t no match now, a one season dream. you ain’t repeating. as a matter of fact, you ain’t winning no championship in the years to come cuss we have a new dynasty in the works. the rockets rule, everyone else sucks


    get off the rockets lakers and boston, you ain’t got nothing on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Rockets had great chemistry last year and went on a heck of a run without Yao. They being said Artest may blow that up. KG demanded everyone be on the same page I can’t see Tracy”sleepy” Mcgrady or Yao taking control of Artest if he disturbs what they already have which is players who know there roles.

  8. The birth of this so called dynasty may or may not happen 8/14/08.

  9. The Rocket Dynasty begins 7/30/08
    The Rocket Dynast ends 3/10/09 when Yao Ming breaks his foot

    Hey, seriously I hope the Rockets do get out of the west. I love Yao.

  10. Yeah it’s too bad about Yao. I hope he can turn it around like Ilguaskus did with his foot problems.

  11. Rafer Alston and Ron Artest on the same team. This does not bode well…

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