That’s Our Guy

"Your skin... it's so soft"

"Your skin... it's so soft"

Recognize #9… the guy barely caressing LeBron’s elbow in Team USA’s 114-82 blowout win over Turkey?

It’s our guy…. #86 in your program… but #1 in our hearts…. SEMIH ERDEN!!

Boston Globe

Courtesy: Boston Globe

Nice D Semih.  Why don’t you work on that a little, huh?


6 Responses

  1. If that’s YOUR guy … he looks like a big man with some agility to him, and if he can stroke the rock, similar to some other Turkish NBAers, methinks the Celtics might just have another player there who can help their team down-the-road.

    Don’t worry, Be happy! … the C’s are the World Champs again. :-)

  2. Watching the highlights from that game, you’d think that the Turkish team didn’t do anything right.

  3. He probably watched the eastern conf. semis and was afraid Bron would start crying if he put a body on him.

  4. Am I the only guy who is rooting for “Team USA” to get beaten? I’m sorry, I just find it really hard to like any of the players on the team except for maybe Wade and maybe Howard.


  5. No Way man i Want Team USA to win it all so bad, as much as i dont like kobe i love wade lebron melo everyone else, its so entertaining to watch them waitin for the next highlight, GO USA!! i still think celtics could take them though :) haha

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