Pierce Not Backing Down

Paul Pierce created a firestorm of controversy earlier this week when he confidently stated that he was the best player in the NBA. Comments of this nature didn’t surprise us, considering the Celtics capped a dominating season by thrashing the Lakers in the Finals, Pierce was named Finals MVP and world class athletes are generally confident in their abilities. But the ignorant and overly sensitive (yes, I’m talking about Lakers fans) took offense to the notion that someone might actually be better than Kobe Bryant. So Pierce was given the chance to “clarify” his comments:

“That’s what I said. I am a confident player and a lot of people might look at it like ’Oh, another cocky attitude,’ but I don’t look at it that way. I have an opinion, I have a right to have one and that’s the way I feel. I felt I’ve played against the best over the years and felt right now that I’m the best player in the world.”

Initially, I was hoping Pierce would backtrack on his boast. But after reading the idiotic, moronic, stupid and homophobic rants/comments left on this site by Lakers fans this week, I commend the Truth for not giving an inch. He also threw in this assessment of both teams:

“I think the Lakers are a great team, but I think they ran into a better team,” he said. “They (Lakers) beat the best in all the Western Conference, they had the guy who was named MVP and the best record after the arrival of (Pau) Gasol. But they just ran up against the better team.

Whoa. That’s crazy Paul. I know the Celtics dominated the series 4-2 and annihilated LA by 39 points in the series clincher but you can’t say that. After all, they didn’t have Andrew Bynum. I have one final thing to say to Lakers fans: How’s our ass taste?

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39 Responses

  1. I also like that P2 hasnt backed down & I also like that last little tidbit “Lakers fans: How’s our ass taste?”

  2. Los Angeles fans have zero leverage to talk shit about anything Boston. I especially loved the post the other day that said “If Los Angeles had a football team, we would probably beat the Patriots too”. Because you know, they have had so much success in the past against Boston franchises….We own the Chargers, Raiders, Lakers, Angels(Post season anyway)and the Clippers. Get over yourselves Los Angeles.

  3. LA has had football teams and they all sucked too much to stay there LOL

  4. My bad.

    In an earlier post I gave Pierce the benefit of the doubt concerning his outrageous claim, figuring that no one could be so stupidly arrogant.

    But it appears that Pierce is congenitally unable to resist such inflated opinions of himself. I thought that his experience alongside Garnett, Posey, and Allen, players of maturity and perspective, might have changed that. It seems, not a bit.

    Post- Garnet, Allen, Posey, and “ubuntu,” Pierce is the “best player in the NBA.”

    Pre- Garnett, Allen, Posey, and “ubuntu,” Pierce is the guy who chucked threes at will, got stripped on his reverse move in the lane more times than I can count, never ran out ahead of the ball, never got back after his own sloppy turnovers, coughed up his shot at Team USA, and was “the best player” on the second worst team in the NBA.

    Better than Bryant, James, Wade, Howard, Garnett? Answer this old theoretical question: If you’re starting a team from scratch, do you really take Pierce over ANY of those guys?

    Being a Celtics fan since Russell joined the team, I truly hope that this stupid, self-centered comment does not hurt the team this coming season.

    PS. And why are so many filthy comments allowed to be posted here?

  5. Are LA fans forgetting that Kobe still has ligament damage in his pinky that will need surgery to repair? He’s stated publicly that he’ll have it fixed after Beijing and will miss training camp and part of the preseason. Personally, I’d be worried if I were a Laker fan–their franchise player has been playing pretty much straight since September without a rest, including a deep run in the playoffs, he’ll play in Beijing and then play another full season coming off an injury. But they do have Andrew Bynum, so we all better watch out!

  6. What is so stupidly arrogant about that statement? Its not as if he was standing on a pedestal in Spain screaming to everyone with in ear shot that he was the best player in the world. He was asked a question, and he answered it. Why should he say Kobe is the best player in the world when Pierce dominated that entire series from start to finish? It will have no lingering effects when the season starts, I think you can guarantee it.

  7. What is Pierce supposed to say? “Oh gee um golly gosh… Kobe Bryant is such an amazing player… and Lebron… well shucks i’m just glad to be able step on the same court as him”?

    In fact those two were both so “amazing” that they both couldn’t overcome the Celtics when it came down to it…IN FACT Pierce may not be as flashy a finisher as the two of them but he combined the skills of outside shooting and slashing to the rim FAR more effectively than either Kobe or Lebron. Although Pierce isn’t called “King James” [a nickname not yet earned in ANY WAY]… so he didn’t get half the foul calls around the rim that Lebron recieved.

    So i’m glad he didn’t backtrack and call one of the two players that weren’t up to the task of raising the Finals MVP trophy this year ….The “best player on the planet” … Call it confidence in his own worth and ability and also not being afraid to give the answer people don’t want to hear…who cares….It’s about time the players in the league [refs too] stopped ballwashing eachother in public… You think if you asked Joe dumars in 89′ who the best player was he’s going to say Jordan?? NO … You think Bill “Champ” Russell would call Wilt the best player on the planet while they were battling? NO …. Thats how it goes …you represent your team and have confidence in yourself

    Kobe win something w/o Shaq
    Lebron win something w/o the refs

  8. p.s.
    Paul Pierce = Celtics offensive MVP
    K.G. = Team MVP

    Sorry, but Kev is the man …and defense is always underrated… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

  9. Kareem Andrew JaBynum better have a REAL GOOD year if the fLakers expect to contend.

  10. Jack,

    We don’t swear in our posts, but we don’t censor the comments. Typically, everyone keeps it to a minimum and it only gets out of control with Lakers fans. And I’m happy letting them look like jerks.

  11. Q: Is Kobe really the best player in the world?

    A: Whew, the best player in the world? That’s a tough one. I’m just happy that we were able to close out and take home the championship.

    Q: But is Kobe the best?

    A: I play against the best players every game. Kobe is right up there.

    That’s all he needed to do. Yes he boasted. Yes he’s earned the right to a little boasting.

    A: He may be one of the best, but um (sly smile) I bet he doesn’t feel the best right now.

    All in my humble opinion.

  12. wait how is kobe the best player in the world when he only led his team to two wins against the C’s while Lebron took the best team in the leaugue to seven

    and peirce outdueled both kobe and lebron on both the offensive and defensive ends in their respective series and took out the 2cd best team in the playoffs (pistons), so his claim is not out and out ridiculous

    also the best player on the 2cd worst team last year talk needs to stop, for all of you who don’t remeber or who didn’t care to pay attention he was not the best player on that team Big al was, and that is because the truth was injured for such a long period of time that they were already to far out of contention to make a run when he came back

  13. Pierce gets no props as an “elite” player (top 5) from anyone. No one in the media has ever put him in the same conversion as LBJ, Kobe, etc. But he went out in the playoffs and took the props and accolades by outplaying everyone on the floor. A comment like this from Paul is probably the only way for him to get into the conversation with the “elite” of the “elite”. Now he better put up next year because everyone will be watching. Was he not the best player in the world in the most important games of the season?

  14. To Jack, I am routinely tempted to edit the raunchy comments….and sometimes I do…when they are particularly vulgar. But like John said – we try to let fans speak their minds. Most of the junk comes from Lakers fans.

  15. Jack,

    My balls taste better than ass. You can try either, as can the Lakers and their fans. PP was the best player in the Finals and since it is a ‘world championship’ he’s the best in the pro game right now.

  16. PS. And why are so many filthy comments allowed to be posted here?
    JACK – August 1, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Why not?

    It’s 99% working adults who post here. Some people use colorful language in real life too.

  17. Actions speak louder then words. Potty mouth may get a person’s attention but won’t keep it. Say what you like but most people who resort to foul smeling talk can’t back it up that’s why their on the computer and not the court. Put up or shut up and PP did that.

  18. It’s not an opinion if it comes from The Truth!!

  19. Just trying to keep this thread going…

    Before this year, I was really down on Pierce. There was no doubt he had talent, crazy talent, but in my opinion, he was not even coming close to getting it done. I am not saying it was all his fault. The coaching staff did not help his cause. But in my opinion, we had better teams than records showed. My problem with Pierce is that, again my opinion, he didn’t seem to capitalize on what talent there was around. He didn’t seem to pick his spots right. He always seemed to me to have a “deserving” mind set, meaning he thought he deserved to win, he deserved calls, he deserved better players rather than making the most of what there was.

    That said, I really think he grew up this season. Sure that is easier with Jesus and Ezekiel strolling the court with you. But he did change his mindset and his game. He picked his spots, he set up the other “lesser” players, he did play defense. (and on the side, if I hear one more announcer say so and so is playing defense more because they are not using so much energy on offense, my head might explode. You always show up on defense, then play offense, not the other way around.) He began to let the game come to him, until he needed to be the man. Funny how you find out you don’t need to be the man as much as you think when you let the game flow.

    Here’s looking forward to next season.

  20. t should be clear by now that the issue here is really not who the best player is in the NBA . Everybody has an opinion on that based on whatever his criteria are for what is “best.”

    Before any answer to who the best is can be offered, the criteria for what “the best” means must be established and agreed upon. And that certainly hasn’t been done.

    Then, the question becomes, “Why would a player go beyond the response requested and advance himself as the “best”?”

    Someone claimed that last year Pierce wasn’t at his “best” and was therefore not even the best player on a bad team. What about the year before when he was healthy? Was he the best player in the NBA then?

    At the other end, some people actually think that being the Finals MVP means that you are the “best player in the NBA.”

    That would mean that last year, 2007, neither Pierce, nor Bryant, nor James, nor Garnett, nor anyone else not named Tony Parker was the best player in the NBA.

    Anyone even slightly acquainted with logic can see how restrictive that criterion is.

    Let’s say the Lakers and Celtics had been eliminated in the conference finals by the Pistons and Spurs. Would Bryant or Pierce still be in the discussion?

    You could make a similar case by saying that the All-Star MVP is the best player of them all.

    There’s a reason there are MVP awards specific to All-Star Game, Season, and Finals. Not one of them is touted as validation as the best player.

    But even using the Finals MVP as a yardstick, I don’t ever remember hearing Havlicek (‘74), White (‘76), DJ (‘79), Maxwell (‘81), Bird (‘84 & ‘86) or anyone else claiming “best player” status on the basis of the Finals MVP.

    Which leads to this point: Pierce is an extraordinarily gifted player who, working within an extraordinary team dynamic in the company of two other extraordinarily gifted players, played a great series at both ends, in the process outplaying another great player named Bryant.

    Like the aforementioned other MVPs, why not just leave it at that and let us connect the dots. Let us think, hmmm… they say Bryant is the best player, but Pierce really outplayed him in this series… hmmm….

  21. Jack wins the award for longest comments post in Red’s Army history….

  22. Kareem Andrew-JaBynum

  23. Well said Jack and no potty mouth see it can be done.

  24. He’s not even the best player on the team. How can he make that argument. Garnett never has to say a thing like that because he proves it on the court. Pierce better start being KG’s bitch because without him there is no ring.

  25. I’m not a laker fan but Fuck the Celtics. Pierce is no one without Allen & KG. He’s nothing but a whining Bitch. All you guys are straight out Homo’s. Irish are nothing but a bunch of turds

  26. First of all, I’d like to thank the guys who run this site for keeping it real and allowing people to post stuff the way they speak in real life. That’s one of the reasons why this site is so much better than others, IMO. These guys keep it real and are not afraid to drop an F bomb when appropriate.

    Secondly, I don’t understand why people are so up in arms over Pierce’s comments. KG may have changed the culture around here, but he, too, had won nothing before joining Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. In fact, other than individual accolates, KG had achieved LESS than Paul prior to joining the Celtics. And even though KG’s impact on the C’s was huge this year, Paul Pierce was still the best player on the C’s all season long as he kept the team together and won games when KG and RA were out.

    Thirdly, and this is directed at JACK and Jp who keep rewriting history to paint an unfair picture of Pierce’s career. When Pierce had a SUBPAR veteran team, he took us to the ECF as a 24-year old, elite player. When Chris Wallace tore the team apart and brought in Vin Baker, Pierce still led the team to the second round. Then, Ainge came aboard and really, what the fuck was Paul supposed to do on a team with revolving doors these past 5 years? Was he supposed to lead Marcus Banks, Allen Ray, an 18-year old Al Jefferson and clueless Gerald Green to the playoffs? Was he supposed to turn Mark Blount into an All Star? Was he supposed to turn Ricky Davis’s career around?

    Why do haters always point out what Paul Pierce wasn’t able to do without ever mentioning the circumstances of the overall team and its state of affairs at the time?

    Paul Pierce was always an elite player. Anybody with an IQ over 70 knew this when he dropped 48 points in an elimination game against the Iverson-led Sixers team that went to the Finals the year before and then led the greatest 4th quarter comeback in the playoffs history as a 24-year old. And he did this on a team that trotted out Kenny Anderson, Eric Williams, Antoine Walker and Tony Battie as its other starters.

    But what happened when he was finally surrounded with some capable veterans? Oh, nothing. Just led the team to its 17th title like he always promised he would. So, how does Pierce’s ass taste, haters? Eat it! Eat it!!!!!!!!!

  27. forgetting about Pierce and just comparing Lebron and Kobe, I think 9 out of 10 people would pick Lebron to build a team around. Not that Lebron needs any more love heaped on him, but the simple fact is his strength and size makes him more unstoppable than Kobe, who has to rely on moves to get open. Lebron can just go through you. That being said, Andrew Bynum is still the best player in the world.

  28. umm…right…yeah…well sorry if i rewrote history…thought i went out of my way to express that i was voicing my opinion on things he could have done better before this past year…”crazy talent” i thought i remember typing…maybe you’re right…sorry paul…please just stop sticking your ass on my dinner plate and i will stop suggesting you had a wonderful season this year and changed the minds of a lot of people…again sorry…kg and ray are feces without you, they must be the luckiest “capable” players ever

  29. I agree. Kobe is SOFT and that’s one of the main things that people completely ignore when they ignorantly compare Kobe to MJ. MJ was a total package. He was quicker and faster than everybody. He could out-finesse you and overpower you at the same time. But Kobe is a finesse player with a quitter’s mentality. Can you imagine Kobe going against the Oakleys, Laimbeers and the X-Man’s of the 80s and early 90s? If he did, he would’ve been the one crying out, “No means no, you guys!” on the court.

    MJ routinely dunked on guys like Patrick Ewing. Kobe? He dunks on Steve Nash.

    I too would take LeBron over Kobe any day of the week.

  30. Hey Jp,
    given the circumstances, what could he have done better, passed the ball more to Raef LaFrentz?

  31. Serious, I am not looking to argue with anyone here, the Celtics have and always will be my team. My wife wanted me to stop wearing my Celtics cap from the late 80’s because it looks like it is from the late 80’s. I told her there was no way I was going to look like a bandwagoner and wear a new cap now that they are winning. My new cap reads on the front “Mollys daddy is a Celtics fan” On the back “est 1972”

    But back on the theme…what is that crap you always hear about elite and great players doing. That thing that sets them apart from the just really good players? Something about making them better. Could Paul have set up double digit scoring LaFrentz better? Could he have leveled out Ricky Davis and help him see some of his freaking amazing potential? Would Gary Payton have wanted to leave a team that had Bird, Johnson or Jordan on it? Szczerbiak (and I don’t want to hear flack about his bloated contract) was a 200 ppg scorer at 49.5% shooting the season he was brought to Boston.

    Can we find things like this for every player in history? Sure. Is Paul a special player? Absolutely. Is hindsight always 20/20? No, both for positive and negative slants. Am I happy he was on this championship team? Definitely. But keep in mind that no matter how much we are told the right thing about it having been Paul’s team, this is a team molded in KG’s image brought together by Ainge. He deserved his finals MVP, the team deserved the championship. But I think you would have a very hard time statistically, emotionally or intellectually proving that Pierce is clearly the best player on our team alone, much less the league or the world,. Best player on our team in years past? Sure, but even Memphis had a best player this past year.

  32. I love KG. He’s definitely the emotional leader of this team. But there’s a reason why he got past the first round of the playoffs just once in Minnesota during his 11-year career.

    Without Pierce, we don’t get past Cleveland. And without Pierce, we don’t beat LA. You can’t say the same for anyone else on the team and that’s why Paul Pierce is the best player on this team.

    You can say whatever you want about the teams that Pierce has been on in the past and what he could’ve done better. But no team in recent memory dropped 18 straight games without its best player. None.

  33. Two points for I Love Red’s Army

    You don’t really think that swearing, or, as you put it so imaginatively, “keeping it real,” is an act of bravery, do you? Or that people who choose not to swear do so only because they are, unlike you, “afraid” to swear?

    Language like “F*** the Celtics…a whining B***… you guys are straight out Homo’s… Irish are a bunch of turds, so how does Pierce’s a** taste, eat it, eat it, etc.” is real and fearless? Real and fearless only in that it expresses the real feelings of small minded persons with the kind of easy fearlessness that distance affords.

    If it’s so real and brave, why don’t you use it when speaking with your children, your mom, your banker when you need a mortgage, the person who interviews you for your next job, your clergyman, your kid’s teachers, etc.? Better yet, imagine how it would sound if any of those people said to you, “F*** you, you whining b***, eat it?” Real and brave?

    Now about the players Pierce has “carried.” It should be clear to anyone that Pierce played younger brother to Antoine Walker when they played together. Psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, Walker was the lead dog and that is indisputable. Even during the vaunted comeback game when Pierce was other- worldly, Walker was the motor.

    It would also be fair to point out that among your group of so-called “capable veterans” would be Kevin Garnett, one of the Top 50 players of all time and Ray Allen, runner up for MVP in both this year’s Finals and All-Star game. Capable veterans? Please.

    And you really don’t think that if you took either Garnett or Allen out of the Cleveland or LA series the Celtics would have won, do you? Garnett vs Cleveland – 20/11, 55%, Allen vs LA – 20/5 / 51% / 52 3% clinching drive vs. Vujacic

    Also take into account the number of very clutch playoff shots made by other “capable veterans” like Posey, Brown, and House. Would the Celtics have won without them?

    You can see that this becomes a slippery slope. The fact is that there are no “what if’s” in history. The fact is that those players did play and did those things. As a result, ALL of those players comprise the best team in the NBA.

    And shouldn’t that be enough?

  34. oh man you guys stop wasting your time. who cares if paul pierce says he is the best, nothing but bullshit on his part. net year in the finals, artest and battier will work together to stop pierce. two defensive stoppers will take turns in slowing down pierce, and they will succeed. so instead of a big three, it will be a big two of garnett and ray allen. yao ming will be assigned to manhandle garnett, he will succeed as well. then it will simply be a big one of ray allen. by that time, no matter how many wussy shots ray allen launches, the celtics will be history. the rockets will leisurely win the championship.


  35. Celtics dynasty = a string of championships

    rockets dynasty = back to back years of getting out of the first round

    PS the rockets aren’t going anywhere as long as they have skip to my lue as a starter

  36. http://www.82games.com/0708/0708BOS.HTM

  37. I love reds army,

    You forgot to mention that Pierce lost the Eastern Conference in 2002 when he missed two necessary free throws to make it a game 6. I don’t understand why you said KG is under achieving compared to Pierce. You must be a Moron. KG has averaged more double doubles than any other Forward in the game for the last ten years. You also forgot that defense wins championships and without KG’s presence there is no ring. Lastly, Pierce was matched with Radmana-bitch practically the whole series. some dominance for an over rated pussy. You’re probably a nerd who thinks he knows sports.explained that to me bitch and get back at me. By the way Jack, you write like a douche bag! who the fuck are you a fucken therapist. you don’t like the language then do something about it Bitch!

  38. Do you think Chris Paul would say Kobe’s the best player? You think LeBron would nominate Kobe? Duncan? Howard? Wade?

    Hell No. All these guys would say themselves and would truly believe that. That’s how they got to where they are now in their careers. Why would you slam Pierce for having total confidence in his ability to take on anyone, anywhere?

  39. “Kobe? He dunks on Steve Nash.”

    Oh and you forgot Yao Ming and Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan.

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