Blame the Playboy Bunnies

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Courtesy: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Look, I’m catching a lot of heat around here for “going tabloid” with the Paul Pierce story. I promised myself that I would let the story die, unless some vital information was uncovered. Well, I found that vital information. Some dude named Norm, who writes a gossip column for the Las Vegas Review Journal, has this to offer:

Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce started his Saturday night with some girlfriend drama and ended it with being stopped by Las Vegas police at 3 a.m. Sunday.

Pierce arrived at N9NE Steakhouse about 9 p.m. with a date and another couple.

Their dinner included a $700 bottle of Melbury Bond cabernet and a visit from some Playboy Bunnies in costume.

Pierce, the most valuable player in the 2008 NBA Finals and a Las Vegas resident in the off-season, passed a field sobriety tests, including a Breathalyzer, after driving erratically on the Strip.

He was stopped near Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue, according to the police report.

During their two-hour dinner, the female companion of Pierce’s buddy tossed a shrimp at the 6-foot-7 former Kansas star. Pierce’s galpal scolded her, saying, “What’s wrong with you? Little girls do that.”

Please Danny, sign someone. I need something relevant to blog about.


22 Responses

  1. Look at those tails! haha…yum.

  2. This is just plain stupid.

    Call me when you guys get back to being a real sports blog.

  3. You guys should do a “Where are they now?” series on former C’s who helped fill in the blank between 1986 and 2008. I’d love to know what happened to guys like Jerome Moiso, Todd Day, Dino and so forth, but I’m too lazy to look’em up on the Internet myself.

  4. Pierce. ESwB. Eating Shellfish while Black.

  5. Or you could report on say, I dunno, – the USA Basketball team barely pulling one out against Australia..

    Or Childress REALLY going to Greece…

    Or the fact that the NBA Schedule release is nearly a week late because of the Seattle OKC move..

  6. blog about manny. or how the bench will shape up for next year with all the rookies. im curious to see if pruitt and bill walker will get minutes.

  7. arroyo to isreal

  8. Here’s a suggestion Danno….why don’t you go read

  9. Hilarious.

    One of the owners of this blog telling it’s readers to go to other sites when they don’t like the fact that they’ve began to drown what is normally a great Celtics/Hoops site in retarded hollywood Gossip crap.

    Next thing, you guys will be like the tards over at Barstoolsports, wasting time blogging about Survivor: Ipanema or some stupid 90210 like soap operas, or American Idol.

    Hey chuck – why don’t you find something BASKETBALL related to blog about?

  10. Chuck way to criticize the customer…. you must have aced business school.

    I think that the Pierce thing was interesting for about a day, but not worth 5 or 6 consecutive days. USA Basketball should be an interesting topic real soon.

  11. Loving this drama it gets juicier by the day… Now, we are learning Paul was on a double date with some kiddies, nice. Considering Paul is supposed to get marry this month (claims from another blog); it makes sense why he was upset when he got pulled over… Get the feeling we are going to hear more from Paul and the justice system before the season start…

  12. We welcome reader feedback but at some point, you get tired of the (Danno’s) bitching. If you don’t like what you see…go to another site. I don’t give a shit.

  13. Just like the readers get tired of reading the same non-story for 5 days in a row.

    good to see you back on track with the opening night post.

  14. The readers get tired? I’ve seen a handful of complaints out of thousands of page views. Stop trying to represent the masses Danno.

    And thanks….

  15. Chuck I can asssure you I never get tired of boobies or the celtics. The fact that you were able to put them together in one story only confirms this site’s commitment to excellence.

    Danno – embrace the boobies, you’ll be alot happier than worrying about Kobe shaming the USA in Bejing.

  16. Christ… this is what I’ve missed by going on vacation?

    I’ll say this about the Vegas posts: they’re relevant. You guys want to know what our superstars are doing in the offseason… well… here it is. If Pierce comes out and sucks in the first few months… then you can say “oh… maybe he partied too much.” Even if he comes out hot…. we have a little bit of a glimpse of what goes on in their lives.

    Plus, as was mentioned before, there are boobs. I think that bears repeating.

    Look…. we built ourselves up as the site that offers you more than just basketball side of things. We bust balls. We have fun. We go off-topic. We cover all the on-court stuff (and may I say, I think better than anyone) but we also cover this. The schedule came out and it was broken down in multiple posts. Paul Pierce and playboy bunnies came out… and you get that too. Readers can decide if they want all this or not. I see our readership numbers… and I don’t see anything we should be doing differently.

    But feedback is always welcome…. so please… don’t be shy

  17. i got a better suggestion on what to write about. write about how the rockets will beat the celtics next year in the finals. how the defensive specialist tandem of artest and battier will take turns in shutting down pierce. how there will always be a defensive stopper on pierce, all game long. when artest sits down to take a break, then battier will come in. then battier sits down, now artest will come in. pierce will be frustrated at having a defensive stopper covering him all freaking game long. he won’t be able to handle the tough defense. he will be worn out and it won’t be enough for allen and garnett to handle the extra load. yao ming will convert perk from a beast (perkisabeast) to a kitty cat. t-mac will handle ray allen, throwing back all his wussy three point shots. garnett will be all by himself again like his days in sota. sorry garnett, that means championship-less. this is by far the best suggestion for what to write about.


  18. Plus you guys got Gerald Green. Watch the fuck out Boston!

  19. Stop going on vacation, Mr. RedsArmy, and this sort of thing won’t happen. Lesson learned! We’re stuck here, reading about TMZ and you’re guilty of being OVWG! “On Vacation While Greek.” You don’t love us.

  20. When they invent a way to blog from an inner-tube on the ocean while drinking margaritas…. then I’ll stop going on vacation.

    Until then… enjoy the boobs.

  21. Satellite modem for lap top.

  22. For the Record –

    I don’t have a problem with the boobs. In fact, I encourage them.

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