Mark Your Calendar

We’ve learned the Celtics season kicks off Tuesday, October 28th against the LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s the night Banner 17 will be hoisted to the rafters. We’re still awaiting the release of the remainder of the schedule. Here’s the latest from the Globe:

The Celtics will open the defense of their 17th NBA championship with a game Oct. 28 against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at TD Banknorth Garden. An NBA source also said the Celtics will visit the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day in a nationally televised matchup. The NBA is expected to release the full 2008-09 schedule today.

Sweet. After I open all my presents I get to watch the Celtics mop up the floor with Kobe Bryant and the Losers.

In other news, a source close to LeBron says the soon-to-be-free agent will consider offers to play abroad that exceed $50 million per year. Say what? This reminds of the old USFL teams that threw absurd amounts of money at guys like Steve Young and Doug Flutie only to file for bankruptcy the next year.


5 Responses

  1. Pierce. PAKJoO28wB. “Playing Against King James on October 28th while Black.”

  2. DreinLA – WHWACFWB

    Wishing he was a Celtics Fan While Black.

  3. PS

    Please Stop

  4. Wow, Celtics have 25 nationally televised games (between ABC [6], TNT [9] and ESPN [10]). If I read right, all four games vs. Cleveland will be nat’lly televised and both Lakers games.

  5. it comes with success Mike. Remember 2 years ago when there were ZERO games on national TV? Networks were killing themselves to take Celtics broadcasts off TV.

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