That’s Right… “World” Champs

When the Celtics raise the banner in 2 and a half months, it will look just like the other 16 hanging from the rafters (and just like the one Wyc is holding)… in that it will say “World” Champions… not “NBA” champions.  I’ve been told by people who have spoken to the team that the Celtics have gotten special permission to use “World Champions”. 

The Spurs will be a little upset by this.  They raised a “World Champions” banner for 2003… but check out their 2003 banner in this picture… it now says “NBA Champions”. 

So those are the facts of the story…. now comes the “allegedly” part: 

Wyc Grousebeck allegedly spoke to the commissioner’s office about the banner… and in his argument for the “World Champs” banner told the league that he’s got 16 other banners that say “World Champions” on them…. so the league should enforce their rules “on a team that doesn’t have a legacy.” 

I’m willing to bet that he didn’t say that quote… but I put it up in hopes that he did… because it would be the most awesome quote ever.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks again Wyc – nice one!

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  3. Leave it to Stern to worry about shit like the wording on the banners. How about focusing on your referrees?

  4. Leave it to Americans to say that, when winning the NBA, you’re world champions. Never knew the USA covered the entire world…!

    Perhaps a bit arrogant, isn’t it?

  5. Yep.


  6. Sweet! Even Stern is smart enough not to go against the green juggernaut that is the Celtic’s legacy.

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