U.S. vs China


Courtesy: Daylife.com

With outfits like that, how can the U.S. lose? Seriously, I was digging the Ralph Lauren white hat, blue blazer, white pant combo. In fact, that’s what I’ll be wearing today when I leave for my weekend on the Cape. I heard that about a billion people will be watching Team USA take on China tonight (or Sunday morning – it depends on where on the globe you are located). Don’t let us down, gentlemen.

After the jump, a good reason you should watch women’s beach volleyball.


5 Responses

  1. Loved the Olympic opening ceremony last night it was spectacular….

  2. Speaking of spectacular….

  3. the indoor volleyball shorts aren’t much longer

  4. Yeah that blazer hat combo is pretty tight. They look like they are about to play polo.

  5. I saw the same red flags today I have been seeing since 2000. Poor perimeter shooting and Poor perimeter defense. This team also seems to have forgotten how to shoot a free throw. They played pretty well but they need to play better.

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