USA vs. Angola Sadly Elbow Free

Getty Images Photo

Getty Images Photo

Team USA had as much desire to play Angola as I have to write about it.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was a 21 point win.  The team scoring leader, again, was Dwyane Wade (19 pts, 6-8 fg,2-3 3pt).  The team shooting leader, and this so much fun, was Kobe Bryant… who posted this gem of a stat line:

8 pts (4-13 fg, 0-8 3pt), 4 reb, 1 ast 

Yeah… everyone has a bad shooting night.  But I drink up bad Kobe shooting nights like Kool Aid.  Greece is next.  And remember… no lead is safe against Greece… they’re known to come from behind (Oh… I’ve heard them all).

Wanna see Paul Pierce as a cartoon child in a video game?  Then go here.


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  1. I like how 3 of those sports covers feature a Boston player. Now the Bruins need to get their act together…

    Wade and Lebron are really stepping up and taking the lead. Deron so far seems to be our best 3-point shooter, I don’t know if that is good or bad.

  2. I think LeBron is putting on a show… maybehe’s trying to sell sneakers.

    And you’re right… DWade is looking really good.

  3. I agree, Wade has got his game back. He may be the league superstar once LeBron and KoMe leave for Europe.

  4. seriously, prior to last year your team was horrible. you get three players and you win a championship, but you forget the lakers didnt even have their starting center. So, now you think that you are the greatest thing alive, so much that you even insult your countries basketball team. your just mad none of your players are in bejiing right now about to win a gold medal.

  5. We think the Celtics are the best team in basketball because they won the championship. I don’t give a damn what happened last year… because this is this year. And last year… the Lakers ended the season the same place ours did: on the golf course… so who the hell cares if you won 1 or 60 games? It doesn’t matter if you don’t raise the banner.

    As for Kobe. I don’t like him. I enjoy watching him fail. I’m rooting for Team USA to win, and I’m enjoying this team a lot. But I don’t like Kobe Bryant. I hope he goes oh-for-the tournament and we win. I hope LeBron and Wade go for 50 a piece every night. I’ll be happy if they win gold… but I don’t like Kobe. And as a Celtics site… I think there are others here who share my feelings.

    And I’m thrilled none of our players are in Beijing. Our players need to rest. I’m rooting for Kobe to play every minute. Everyone should play hard and really wear themselves out so they break down in March and April of next year. That’s just going to make the Celtics path even easier. Keep working hard LeBron! Keep pushing Kobe! Gotta hustle more… RUN RUN RUN!!!

  6. I am one of the people that share John’s feelings!!! Go USA but screw Kobe!!!

  7. “I am one of the people that share John’s feelings!!! Go USA but screw Kobe!!!”

    Matty S.: One of the few?! ONE OF THE FEW???!!! Outside of L.A., who likes Kobe?

    I am one of the MANY people that share John’s feelings, and you are too, I think.

  8. I wasn’t going to mention it, but I don’t care for Kobe either.

    It’s been fun watching Wade, James and Dwight Howard though. Yao stepping out of Howard’s way while Howard damn near bent the rim was priceless. Go USA!

  9. Am i missing something or is Andrew Bynum really the second coming?? Do Lakers fans really think he was the ”key” to a championship?

    Other people missing who would have led to a championship
    Fox [haha]


  10. Missing their starting center? Who was that Spanish guy then? I’ve mentioned it before, but why don’t the Laker fans on this site realize there would probably be no Gasol if Bynum wasn’t hurt? Please stop acting like you were missing some huge piece. You lost your center and got, tada, a BETTER one. I hate to break it to you people but GASOL IS BETTER THAN BYNUM. Maybe Gasol’s “softer”, but he’s undoubtedly a better all around player.

  11. Hey redsarmy – the only reason there is no celtic players on the olympic team is because there all too old to play in the summer and then play till march or april. Kobe and Lebron are going to play in the olympics and then still kill boston next year. HAHA! Pierce is a bitch! Kobe is basketball god!

  12. Kobe is some basketball god for sure, the type of basketball god that has lost in the finals the past 2 times he has been there.

  13. Why is the redeem team’s best defender jacking up 8 3pt’s in a game? What’s Redick doing? Their basically the same player overhyped and coached by a idiot.

  14. So, now you think that you are the greatest thing alive,

    And we have a trophy to prove it. so far this is the best of both worlds. USA is winning and Kobe is sucking ass. Now if we can just get K to get food poisoning and have to be sent home everything will be peachy.

  15. nothing makes me happier than a bitch lakers fan trying to justify them losing to us…its so pathetic that it brings a smile to my face every time

  16. I don’t like Kobe and I live in L.A.

  17. Kobe is some basketball god for sure, the type of basketball god that has lost in the finals the past 2 times he has been there.

    Jonny Drama – August 12, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    He’s been there 5 times bitch!

  18. fuck reds army – August 13, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Somebody is not taking his recent depantsing well.

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