Even the Chinese Like Us…..

Looks like there’s plenty of green in Red China. According to the NBA, Kevin Garnett’s #5 (2nd) and Paul Pierce’s #34 (4th) are two of the hottest selling jerseys in the People’s Republic of . If winning a championship can convert the Chinese, then maybe there’s hope for Lakers fans. I‘m ignoring the fact that Kobe’s #24 was number one on the list – Tracy McGrady was 3rd for anyone who cares.

Up next for Team USA (do I need to type “men’s” – no one follows chick hoops right?) is Greece. According to ESPN’s Chris Sheridan, the Greeks are a dirty team who can play some defense. Let’s see how the boys respond to this challenge.

And Andre Iguodala is getting paid. The Sixers are ponying up $80 million over the next 6-years for his services. The Cavs, Bucks and OKC are working on a deal involving Mo Williams and Luke Ridnour.


3 Responses

  1. McGrady is by far the most popular American player in China. They broadcast all of the Rockets games in China for obvious reasons, and many fans have fallen in love with McGrady.

  2. Kobe has been the #1 selling jersey in China the past few years IIRC. Personally I think Lebron will become the #1 in a couple years since he is the next “media baby”.

  3. Chinese don’t like you as much as they like KOBE!! Now that’s a lot of fans on Kobe’s side.

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