He’s BACK!

Rajon Rondo has emerged from this blogging cocoon.  He’s been pretty busy since the championship… and he’s only just started working out again:

Last week, I was in Boston. I went to Boston after I left Houston and stayed for a week. I mainly went to work out. I hadn’t picked up a ball since we won, and I figured I needed to jump start my training. I just went and lifted and shot by myself for the most part. I needed to see what shape my body was in. Btw..I’m in pretty good shape.

By the way, the trip to Houston was to “chill with Perk.” 

He had a party down there, and me and my girl went down for the weekend. We had a good time. I hadn’t seen Perk since the ESPYs, so it was good to catch up with him. We didn’t do much…just chilled really. The party that he had was coo. I think ima go back down there before the season starts.

That’s it… I’m writing a buddy comedy that will star Rondo and Perk.  I think the possibilities are endless.  They’re tight enough where I think they’d do it. 

Rondo runs down his whole offseason so far… camps, Vegas, Houston, Louisville.  The details from Vegas are non-existent… which is too bad… because we know they tore it up. 

Also tearing it up LeBron James… to no music, either.  And Greg Oden feels good after his first post-surgery workout.


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