Pierce To Co-Host ‘Mike & Mike’

Paul Pierce will spend 4 hours tomorrow morning co-hosting “Mike & Mike In The Morning” with Mike Greenberg.  He’ll be filling in for Mike Golic.

AwfulAnnouncing says he’ll bring Wyc Grousebeck at 7:40 a.m., Doc Rivers at 8:10, and Danny Ainge at 9:40 a.m.  ‘Mike & Mike’ is on from 6 to 10 on ESPN Radio and on TV on ESPN 2.  Should be interesting.


13 Responses

  1. Unrelated….

    Does anyone think Williams to Cleveland is huge for them?

    I am glad to see Smith leave, though, I thought he made us look really bad in the playoffs.

  2. I think it will definitely take some of the burden of lebron to create shots for other people, and another 3 point threat always helps lebron for his drive and dish. I like that trade for them it should work out well because it’s not mid season, a full training camp together with the team they have now might make them very strong.

  3. Back to Paul & Mike in the morning, can somebody TiVo that shit and post the video? I gotta work.

  4. Bill, if somebody can’t do that I’m pretty sure they have the podcasts of the show on ESPN.com, which would at least give you the audio… I’ll have to check if they have video as well.

  5. Who gives a shit Pierce is a homo

  6. yeah …a “champion” homo ..whilst you “joe” are just a homo haha

  7. Annnnnd …about Mo Williams to Cleveland … i think it’s huge [for them] If you take a look at Williams’ stats with the bucks he was D-d-d-d-darn good … I had him in a fantasy league and he was good for about 18pts and 7-8 assists a game..and he’s got youth

  8. they have all sorts of podcasts and highlights on their website. You can also watch live on espnradio.com.

  9. Delonte played extremely well for the cavs against the C’s in that series hard to imagine williams will play much better than Dwest did their……and it takes away from either west or boobies playing time, both of whom are better shooters, and the lebron plays well with better shooters on the floor considering he has the ball 99.999909987362% of the time in the cavs offense

  10. AND i wish all of the big three or at least pierce and garnett were doing mike and mike i love pierce and kg playing off each other in interviews

    quick question: Is there any way to watch the non nationaly televised celtics games on the internet?

  11. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to do it on NBA.com. You probably have to pay for league pass or something. I know some of our readers have done it.

  12. As of last season, the only way you could watch NBA games on the internet is if you get NBALP from your cable/sat provider (which I do every year to watch the C’s anyways.) My dad was living in an area where the cable company didn’t offer LP and the only thing he could get over the internet was the radio broadcasts.

    He did switch to Direct TV in time for last season though.

    Unless they have changed it for this year you are gonna have to get LP in order to watch the games on the internet, and then you are better off just watching them on TV.

    I’m sure there is some “unofficial” site that shows bootleg broadcasts of the games on the internet, those are hard to find though if you aren’t in the know.

  13. I watched a couple hours of the Mike and Mike broadcast on ESPN2 this morning. I found out what Paul eats first thing in the morning (a banana and a bagel), that his older brother was a baseball draft; that KG lies about his height (he states that he is 6’11, but he’s actually closer to 7’1) and that Wyc is beating Ray Allen’s ass in golf.

    Anyway, I am just soooo happy to see Paul and just knowing that the team will soon be back in Boston to prepare for the 2008-2009 season. Yippee! Can’t wait!

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