This Could Get Ugly

One of the problems with Team USA over the years has been their blase’ attitude… even when they were getting beat.  They were just way too cocky for their own good.

Not this team… at least… not for this game.  They’re actually fired up for Greece.  These guys want to win… bad… to get revenge for that 2006 lost in the World Championships. 

“We’ve had to live for two years with people saying we can’t defend or we can’t do this,” Krzyzewski said. “And in that game, we learned the finality of what it is if you’re not at your best. And there’s an atonement for that, it’s like a cleansing, and as far as our pursuit of the gold medal, that’s part of the process.”

Translation:  We’ve got to smoke these Greeks if we’re going to make things right.  I’m afraid they’re going to do it too.  Tip off is just minutes away… but I think this is really the “Redeem Team’s” first game.


3 Responses

  1. KOBE (MVP) leads US in scoring along with Bosh in their first “real” game. Shit this guy is good! He knows exactly when to turn it on. Even Pierce shat his pants a couple times in the finals.

  2. If you watched that game and thought Kobe Bryant was the best player on the floor… then you’re nuts. DWade was game changer… followed by LeBron.

  3. Defense won the game and Kobe was the best defender on the floor.

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