What Did China Do To Spain?

Those are members of the Spanish tennis team back in April… and according to the Telegraph, this was on the team’s official website.  According to me… here it is… with the caption “we’re prepared for China.” 

Obviously, this follows this mess involving the Spanish basketball team.  Man… Spaniards must really hate Chinese people.


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  1. I want to see Yao Ming knock Pau Gasol the fuck out like the mohawk kid:

    Sure, China’s communist, they’re not the most progressive when it comes to human rights and they have a population problem, but this is below the belt.

  2. If i was spain i would be a little afraid of the chinese, i mean not on the basketball court but just of china in general, those bastards scare me

    and if i was as big of pussy as gasol i be scared of everybody, i wouldnt even dare talk trash to the lithuaniuns

    on a side note wouldnt it be great if instead of a basketball player pau gasol was a olympic gymnast? if he ever had a alecia sacramone type performance, which anybody who watch the finals knows he obviously would, he would cry more than a disgruntled vujacic

  3. I just want to apologize for saying earlier that Spaniards are ignorant and behind the times ..i mean the national basketball teams picture was just one instance of stupidity …it’s not like it’s a wide spread practice of making fun of a whole race of people for being different err….wait ….oh

    Well i’m sure that theres a reasonable explanation … this must be a cultural ritual i mean look at how happy and together they all seem …it must be a real bonding experience

  4. I don’t see Rafael Nadal in that picture; at least he’s smart enough to know that doing this would be a bad idea, seeing as how he’s representing the nation of Spain as one of their best atheletes (ahem, Pau Gasol).

  5. Certainly this is a low class thing to do, but I don’t think the Chinese really care one way or the other. Their culture isn’t like modern western culture where if something is done that could be considered offensive of bunch of liberal people get up in arms, protest, complain, blog, “expose,” and sue. (Not that they can do most of those things anyways, but that is a different topic.) In fact while as the Spanish people doing this probably have no ill will towards Chinese people, a lot of Chinese probably have ACTUAL racial superiority feelings towards people not of their nationality. My wife is Korean, actual Korean not a Korean American, and I have spent a lot of time in Asia. I love her to death, but she is pretty damn racist. I have found that most Asian cultures have these feelings, mostly about other Asian cultures, and are so used to these types of opinions it is no sweat off their back when someone does something like this. They just hate them back. Is it right? No. But I doubt the average person in the PRC cares one bit that some dumb people in Spain are making slant eye faces. Nor do they care that some people across the Pacific are crying foul about it, complaining about tolerance, etc. It just doesn’t affect them. Of course this is just my opinion and don’t think it is more right than anyone elses. This is all I have to say about this and I would like to get back to reading about basketball.

  6. Josh, that’s funny that you’re married to a Korean. I’m currently working in Seoul (Yoido) and I really do love it here but I totally know what you’re saying. I get a kick out of my Korean friends whenever they say stuff like, “Japanese are ugly” or “Chinese smell.” I probably shouldn’t laugh, but I always do.

    I think you’re definitely right about the Chinese not giving a damn about this “incident.” They’re too busy plotting to take over the world. Way too damn powerful and way too damn big to care, probably.

    If you’re in Seoul, know any good Mexican restaurant? I’m dying for a good burrito, man. Just dyin’.

  7. Red’s Army does ok in South Korea. We’re bigger in the Philippines.

    We love everyone here… no hate in this house.

  8. What annoys me is that the Spanish are getting a free pass from the mainstream media. If this was an American team – all hell would break loose.

  9. I Love Reds Army!, Try the Gangnam-gu area, around COEX and the World Trade Center, I think there was a Mexican Joint around there, but this was a few years ago, and if I recall it wasn’t all that good, but it resembled Mexican food. They had Corona or Dos I think along with OB and Soju, if you are into that sort of thing.

  10. Jason Kidd just said the same thing. It’s true. If it was an American player… the shit would hit the fan.

  11. Of course the shit would hit the fan. It is a popular thing in the world for people from other countries to cry afoul about the United States, and criticize everything Americans do. It is probably somewhat due to an inferiority complex among the people that do it. For instance (and I in no way want to am comparing making a slant eyed face to war) Currently in Georgia, the Russian military are conducting military operations, they have killed a number of civilians. There is little to no world outcry against Russia, at least shown on the media. The Russians (reportedly) killed thousands of civilians in Grozny. No media outcry. A US Marine is shown on a video that barely shows the person he shoots, who is a wounded enemy combatant that was just shooing at him. He is reaching for a weapon, or making a movement that appears he is reaching for a weapon and the Marine kills this man that was just moments earlier to kill him. The video is released and suddenly every media in the world is calling US Troops murderers of unarmed wounded Iraqis. It is the double standard that we as Americans have to deal with. And as an American, I’ll deal with being treated like crap by media outlets, foreign nationals, ect. Because unlike European nations I actually have freedom of speech and don’t have laws controlling my thoughts like many of these “enlightened” European nations have.

  12. “bunch of liberal people get up in arms, protest, complain, blog, “expose,” and sue.”

    Josh – August 15, 2008 at 4:06 am

    Hey! Rush! Didn’t know you were a Celts fan!

  13. While I am pretty conservative, I am nowhere near those reactionary, blow hard, sensationalists that spew garbage like Rush, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, etc. Instead of getting stuck on the fact that I said that liberals blow things like this out of proportion, did you read the points I made? Or did you just want to try to take a jab at me for having an different political persuasion than you (that in no way bothered me) instead of contemplating my statement?

  14. Well said, Josh!!!!

    You get my vote for Red’s Army reader of the month.

  15. No Josh..

    I was commenting on your political statement that disparaged a philosophy which has brought about much good in our society. There was absolutely no reason to make a comment about “liberal people,” to make your point.

    Its folks like the one’s you mentioned above that continually harp on “liberals” and their “agendas” repeatedly, and because of this, other blowhards feel comfortable repeating their anti-liberal diatribes because they hear it so often on the air waves.

    I am personally sick of it. There is no doubt that conservative “people get up in arms, protest, complain, blog, “expose,” and sue” just as much as liberals. They just do those things for different reasons than liberals. And look at what all the conservatives have done for the country the last 7 years….yeah, ya got a lot to be proud of… George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and Larry Craig and Jack Abramhoff and Alberto Gonzalez, etc, etc, etc.

    You brought the politics into the discussion. I’m just letting you know that this shit isn’t going to fly anymore….never should have.

  16. Ok, you know not all conservatives are fans of all of those people you mentioned right? Also, it is just your opinion that those people aren’t “something to be proud of.” I can sit here and name just as many people from the left in the past 7 years whom I think are nothing to be proud of, and it would just be stupid, because it is a matter of personal opinion and personal political philosophy, none of it is based on actual fact, it is all frame of reference. The country isn’t in as great of shape as it can be. But for either side to solely put the blame on the other for state of the union is a grave mistake, it is the deep partisan politics and inability to work together that have lead us down this path. Everyone is at fault. You seem truly angry about this. This is a basketball blog, not a political one. If you would like to discuss this further with me email me: tampawar @ gmail dot com so as we don’t clog this up with something so trivial that is off topic.

    BigMck, what statement are you referring to?

  17. Chuck’s just happy to see a republican around… although Chuck’s just a republican because of the tax cuts.

  18. Josh …it’s really great that your philosophy in life is that if no one cares about something then why have an opinion on it …im happy people are talking about it… that’s how things change in the world …Slavery ..Women voting ..Civil rights …these things changed because people talked, things don’t change as the world turns like the seasons

    Unfortunately this country has turned into the United States of Apathy and [sorry] more trivial things like shopping, sports, reality tv are more important today than talking about cultural/societal/ and current issues…

    So yes this is a basketball site, and it’s always going to be that way but don’t be just another Apathetic American ignorant to the world outside … Things matter even if they affect someone other than you

  19. RJ I am in no way apathetic to anything, or ignorant to the world outside. If people want to talk about this I will, I just didn’t want to disrespect the owners of this site by discussing something so off topic. Everything has its time and place. I just didn’t feel a Boston Celtics blog was a place to have this type of discussion, which is why I offered my email address to continue the discussion in what I felt was a more appropriate forum. I think you are a little off base calling me ignorant to the world outside or an apathetic American, considering some of the earlier comments I have made in this very subject showing I at least have some knowledge of what is going on in the world.

  20. Well at least there’s boobs in the picture this time, so things are improving. And Josh, your right we shouldn’t care if your a republican like me, we should judge you by the content of your post. So because your post said nothing about the Celtics, USA basketball, how f*cking weak the lakers are, why Stern is an *sshole, and last but not least boobs, I must judge you poorly.

  21. “Chuck’s just happy to see a republican around… although Chuck’s just a republican because of the tax cuts.”

    redsarmy – August 15, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    Chuck must make A LOT of dough. Hahaha

    Hey Josh, thanks for the heads up, man. I love that area!

  22. Baby with the bath water…

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