Pierce On ESPN Radio

ESPN 2 Screen Capture

ESPN 2 Screen Capture

So Paul was on the radio today.  He did an OK job (slow start… but he got better by the end). 

Among the little revelations in the show:

  • Wyc Grousebeck has 6 ring prototypes at his house right now… and Paul’s invited over to help pick which one will be the ring.
  • Wyc may or may not be lying about beating Ray Allen in golf.  Each was on the show and each said he took the other’s money.
  • The hardest guy to guard in the NBA is LeBron James.
  • The Celtics WILL repeat.
  • Pierce is a big-time tennis fan, and thinks Rafael Nadal has now surpassed Federer
  • Paul has never met fellow Nike guy Tiger Woods (this seems surprising to me)
  • Pierce really enjoys deep sea fishing, and has caught a 7 foot shark. 
  • He’d like to go play in Europe once his NBA career is over

He also talked about the Vegas incident.  He joked that he was pulled over by a Lakers fan and was charged with DWC: Driving With Championship.  That was the line of the morning.  He went on to explain that he was driving home after a boxing match and trip to the casino.  He was pulled over for failing to signal a turn… and cuffed because of his intimidating size (which is what the cops told him).

All in all, good show.  Pierce broke down some football… predicted the Chargers would go 11-5 and Tampa Bay would go 10-6… and said the Jets would not make the playoffs even with Brett Favre.  The show just ended 20 minutes ago… so I’ll update this post with some links once they’re up.


Here’s a video of Mike Greenberg trying on The Truth’s Gucci hat…. and looking very un-Pierce like.  The reason I’m not posting other show clips right now is because you have to be an “Insider” to get to the interviews with Wyc and Danny and stuff.  If you are so inclined… here’s the link to their show page.


11 Responses

  1. He also mentioned that Ray Allen is in possession of more than one of his IPODs

  2. I caught some of the show this morning….it’s tough for a jock to sit-in on a show for an extended period of time. I missed the stuff about Vegas…but that is funny.

  3. It is hard for the pro athlete to pull this off without some time to get acclimated, though he did as good of a job as he could have. The Vegas incident was excellent. As was his description of the pressure of putting on the green and white, “They don’t hang division title banners here”

  4. Michael Finley is gone. Resigned with the Spurs today.

  5. I think Pierce was excellent…. I mean just imagine how bad some of the other NBA stars would be on a four-hour talk show. Your not going to find any NBA player to do better than Pierce did.

  6. I wanted to listen to MVPierce bad enough that I signed up to be an insider. I can share my login if John and Chuck don’t mind.

  7. hey, its your login… do with it what you will.

    How much did that cost?

  8. RawFockingDawg

  9. Bill your awesome Man!!!! Bill do you have membership to Girlsgonewild? Playboy? Or any good porn site? Just wondering. Your freaking awesome though. I love you. We need more people like you.

  10. […] in Europe Finley to re-sign with the Spurs in spite of interest from Celtics Red’s Army Pierce on ESPN Radio Florida Today Celtics’ Rivers talks to Gators Gator Clause Gators receive visit from Doc […]

  11. Wow… you spent 30 bucks to listen to Pierce? At least that’s how much it was when I got it two years ago. Maybe its gone up or down since. It was well worth it over two years though so you’ll enjoy it in the long run.

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