Fall In Love With Big Baby All Over Again

One of the things that made this past season so enjoyable was that the players are so enjoyable.  Aside from Tony Allen, there was no one on this team that inspired any sort of angst on this team.  We all especially love Glen Davis… for things like the fro-hawk to riding a duckboat shirtless.  But if you think he’s content with winning a title in his rookie year, think again.

While his Celtics teammates have spent the better part of the past two months celebrating a championship with parties in Las Vegas, vacations in Europe and lots and lots of golf, Davis has made good on his pledge to remain in the Waltham area throughout most of the summer.

From the looks, and sounds, of the second-year forward at this week’s Reebok Basketball Camp in Canton, it was a wise decision.

“This is the first time I have really been away from Louisiana for this long,” he said. “It’s just been maturing, man. Just maturing, and getting better, and knowing what the priorities are.”

Rookies can get spoiled after having a ton of early success.  But it’s great to see Davis isn’t like that.  He’s working hard to get better, keep the weight off, and grow up mentally. 

New center Patrick O’Bryant is nowhere near Waltham this summer… which is also good.  Jess Camerato reports that he’s been working out with Clifford Ray down in Florida.  Also in that link, details of Paul Pierce addressing the “I’m better than Kobe” comments that got A LOT of people so riled up.

JoJo White shared his thoughts on Paul Pierce’s comments… and a lot of other things (like Manny Ramirez, Brett Favre, The Olympics) in his blog on the NBA Retired Players Association website.  Word of JoJo’s blog comes from the Globe’s Marc Spears… who always seems to have the best Celtics tidbits at the end of his Sunday notes column. 

And teams everywhere are bringing Doc Rivers in to speak and, they hope, pass along some of the championship magic.   The latest team:  Florida Gators Football.  Not a bad turnaround for Doc… who a year ago was THIS close to a barnstorming tour of job interviews.


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