Leon Loves Us (and Boston)


Courtesy: Daylife

It’s well known that Red’s Army loves Leon Powe (i.e. John’s huge man crush). And Leon loves us back (Our sources have seen his woman sporting our t-shirts). Now we’re learning that the man who single-handedly annihilated the Lakers in Game 2 (21 pts in 15 minutes) loves Boston just as much. An important fact considering Mr. Powe is in the final year of his contract.

“They know me,” he said. “The Boston organization knows I want to stay there.”

At some point the Celtics are going to have to decide between Leon and Glen Davis. They both play the same position – undersized power forward – and you can only split the minutes for so long. Don’t you think teams (the Lakers?) would kill for a tough guy like Powe? There will be demand after this season. Here’s hoping Leon sticks around. Oh by the way, he’s spending his summer in Oakland, teaching basketball and preaching education at his annual “Powe Folks” camp.


One Response

  1. I hope Leon and Glen BOTH stay here, but I know that probably is not going to happen. Like these guys as players and off-the-court representing the Celtics.

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