Larry Bird: I’d Sit For Kobe

Larry Bird was on the Dan Patrick show… and Dan tried to bait him into all sorts of crazy answers.  To Larry’s credit… he said all of the right things while remaining awesome.  He immediately said he’d sit for Kobe… who could start for the 1992 team (Later, however, adding: “He’s no Michael Jordan”).  He also said if the 1992 team needed a bucket… he’d give the ball to Barkley on the post… no matter who was on the floor.  Larry also said he would NOT go to Europe for $30 million.

He also took a shot at Ainge… saying if he had a 23 footer and Ainge had a 15 footer to decide the game… he’d take the 23 footer left-handed.  There are some comments about the C’s winning it all (oh yeah… that happened, didn’t it?).   

Classic LB.


2 Responses

  1. At least he’s honest…

  2. …and humble, for that matter.

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