Bill Walker Signs

Danny Ainge is a busy guy.  He signed Bill Walker today… terms, of course, undisclosed.

“Bill’s hard work and skill development this summer has given us the belief that he can be in our short-term plans as well as our long-term plans.” Celtics GM Danny Ainge said in a press release.

A lot of people think this guy can do a lot for this team.  He’s been called a Posey clone… and he could fall into the ‘Leon Powe’ category of ‘2nd round guy with injuries that makes a big contribution.’ 

If Giddens and Walker pan out… don’t you think this is the draft that turns Danny Ainge into “draft genius?”

Other notes tonight:  Rajon Rondo has spent the last week putting himself through 2-a-days here in Boston.  And Dre in LA passes along a couple of trailers for NBA 2K9.  This one features NBA rookies playing the game (and a shot of KG in game action.)  This one is Andre Iquodala going up for a slow-motion alley oop.

But this is the money trailer: Paul Pierce up-faking Lamar Odom and then going in for the up and under finish.


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