One Mo’ to Go

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Team USA is on the verge of its first Olympic Gold Medal in 8 years, thanks to their 101-81 victory over Argentina. Popovich and Duncan must have been thrilled watch Manu Ginobli re-injure his ankle. Up next: The Spaniards – a team we annihilated by 37 points. Should these guys gag on Sunday, the Golden State Examiner has a suggestion for future Olympiads: Send the champs.

Team USA has been working out all summer … for what? To figure out offensive pecking orders, defensive schemes, overall strategy, etc. But if you sent the NBA champions – the Boston Celtics, this year – all that would automatically take care of itself.  Yeah, it stinks that they’d have to practice a couple of times a week in June and July of your championship season, but then again, it was nice for everybody on the squad to get that $2 million Olympic bonus written into the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement.

Kinda makes sense if you ask me. They could take several weeks off after the finals and then regroup two weeks before the games start.


4 Responses

  1. When Manu Ginobli got hurt that made all the difference in the world. If he plays USA wins by 30 or 40. The score was 27-9 when he got hurt. Once he was out of the game USA went to sleep. Yes Ginobli’s injury made a difference. It kept the USA from playing all out and blowing this game away. It was still a nice win.

  2. No way! I would’ve HATED IT if the C’s went to Beijing this summer. They played like 200 games already. You can’t put them through more than that! Let’em rest and get ready for training camp. We have more WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP trophies to collect.

  3. I’d be ok with the champs going to international competition… IF.. it allowed them to shorten training camp.

    it would never happen, though… because rosters are incomplete over the summer. That’s something people never seem to consider. It’s not like the Hornets would let Posey play for the Celtics after signing him just because its the Olympics. And what about our draft picks? Would they be allowed to play? Would they suffer because of a shorter camp?

    Too many issues. Won’t ever happen.

  4. Not to mention teams with foreign citizen players. I agree it would never happen, but it would be cool if it did. Hell I think the C’s would give team usa a run for their money as is.

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