Blazers Rooting Against Miles

We all know the signing of Darius Miles carries very little risk with the potential of a huge reward. But if the following is true, the Portland Trail Blazers management has 18 million reasons to hope he fails:

The signing has little monetary risk for the Celtics, given that Miles is already assured of making $18 million over the next two seasons from his guaranteed contract with Portland. According to reports, if Miles plays 10 games for the C’s, the remaining $18 million of his six-year, $48 million salary goes back on Trail Blazers’ books.

Miles gets his money whether he plays or not. But because his injury was deemed career-ending by an independent medical examiner, the Blazers got a special cap waver. Now I’m sure Danny and Doc have watched this guy work out many times, but Danny wouldn’t say Miles is completely healthy:

Asked if Miles is completely healthy, Ainge replied, “Time will tell. He’ll have the next two months to get ready. He’ll work out with our guys and we’ll see. He’s played real well.”

To all those optimists out there (yes, I’m talking about you Danno) here’s something to keep in mind regarding Miles: No player has made it back to the NBA after receiving that “career-ending injury” designation.

And one other thing about Miles character, courtesy of Blazers broadcaster Mike Barrett:

Does he do the right thing always? Obviously not. Is he a guy who I am glad that is gone from this group of players?  Probably.  Just because of his off-the-court habits.  His recreational habits of what he likes to do.  I would prefer our young guys weren’t around somebody like that.


9 Responses

  1. wow, after reading that post it sounds like to me darius miles is going to get bill walker and jr giddens and big baby and all the young guys into doing crack. And he will have a negative impact on this team. And it dosent matter that he is playing with the defending champs, and his idol KG, he wont get it turned around.

  2. If Danny is willing to take chances on players with career ending injuries, maybe Livingston could come next? Or did someone already get him?

  3. I think Livingston signed with Denver…? Good move for them if he’s healthy, cause he’s got size for the backcourt that AI obviously lacks.

  4. I’m still banking on KG to get this guy straight. This team is quickly turning into a Patriots-esque place where potential problems come to redeem themselves

  5. I’m hoping KG and co. can set this guy straight…contrary to some opinions around here. Its not like I have a vendetta against Miles and want him to suck.

  6. Though I have nothing against Portland, I like this move simply because I’m sure it spoiled David Stern’s plan to help out the Blazers.

    Miles is going to be fine as long as he stays healthy. We’re not the Blazers. Even though Miles is older, I bet even Perk will keep his ass in line.

  7. Danny boy has Portland where he wants them. Get Portland to take Scalli off our hands and we will agree to cut Miles:)

  8. I don’t know what’s funnier about this post:

    Chuck’s overbearing need to be “impartial” as if he’s at an ESPN anchor’s interview and doesn’t want to appear biased by anything at all,

    or the fact that he named me personally in this post, as if he’s pissed off that Celtics fans are optimistic about anything at all.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  9. Paul Allen still owns the Blazers, right? Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen? This is much ado about nothing, frankly. Yeah, so they’ll blow up their cap space is Miles plays ten games, but that just means some of Paul Allen’s millions go into the luxury tax pool. He can afford it. I’m sure Kevin Pritchard isn’t losing a whole lot of sleep worrying about Darius Miles making the Celtics.

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