Questions… Questions… Questions…

Welcome to the part of the off-season where we forget the Celtics are defending champions and those seeds of doubt and anxiety start creeping in.  It kinda goes something like this:


To that I say… relax Chuck.  (It’s also the part of the off-season where Chuck and I take gratuitous, unwarranted shots at one another just to keep things interesting).  Jessica Camerato is already trying to answer those questions.

Rather than focusing on who the Celtics signed, the better assessment is looking at who the Celtics are bringing back. Despite losing Posey, they have kept their starting five in tact. Big men Leon Powe and Glen “Big Baby” Davis will be back with championship-winning experience under their belts and veteran guard Eddie House (and his clutch long-range shooting) is returning as well. The Celtics are not looking for Giddens, Miles, O’Bryant, and Walker to be game changers. The core of the championship team was built last summer and now it is up to these newcomers to uphold the Celtics’ winning ways.

She makes a good point.  It’s easy to sit there and sweat over who we lost.  But its who we didn’t lose that’s really big.  For those of you who are still on the fence about Darius Miles… here’s just about everything there is to know about him.


3 Responses

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  2. Someone get Jessica an editor. Yikes!

  3. Did you watch the video that was attached? Darius is a mellow cat. He was probably blunted out, but still.

    I’m stoked for the Darius Miles Era!

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