Jason Kidd Going Overseas

I came for the gold medal, I stayed for the shoes made by cheap sweatshop labor.

"I came for the gold medal, I stayed for the shoes made by cheap sweatshop labor."

Ok… so he’s not playing overseas… but he IS hawking Chinese shoes.  The Sporting News brings us word that Jason Kidd has dumped Nike to wear Peak shoes.  If you want to see more photos… including close ups of his shoes and a lot of things you can’t read… go here.

So Kidd joins Shane Battier on the Peak roster.  Hmmm… a role player and washed up star.  Way to build that roster.  Meanwhile… Yao Ming is wearing Reebok.  The hottest American star in China, Kobe Bryant, (and most of the league) is decked out in Nike.   I’ve got KG and Dwight Howard selling me Addidas… Dwyane Wade hawking Converse (a Nike brand). 

Do really think a role player and washed-up spousal abuser are going to make your big splash?  Only if you buy me off with a LOT of free stuff.


4 Responses

  1. I see where you’re coming from in your reaction to Peak’s signing of J-Kidd. In fact, that was my initial reaction too.

    However, you have to look at it from the standpoint of a company operating in the Chinese market. They will eat up J-Kidd and his shoe. A real live NBA player who doesn’t live on the bench? Not to mention that pretty much ALL of China knows who he is now after watching the Olympics.

    With the Chinese market growing as fast as it is and the US shoe market being dominated by several gigantic companies, they would probably take close to anyone decent from the NBA. (Obviously if they signed Battier)

    Basically, I think the company and its customers were looking for someone “legit,” and by their standards J-Kidd more than fits the bill.

  2. Yeah… that’s a good point Scott. I’m sure there is more of a buzz with Kidd. But I still think the Chinese consumer is more impressed by megastars wearing major-company shoes.

    I think that little kids in Beijing are trying to be more like Kobe than JKidd. But… who knows. Those guys have a lot of money. Just like the Greeks are tossing around a lot of money for guys like Josh Childress… maybe the Chinese will try to lure a mid-level name guy with more money than Nike or Reebok is willing to pay.

    OR… maybe they can get a really good player…. like a Chris Bosh… who might not get a major push from a Nike or Reebok or Addidas. Maybe they’d get a really good guy like that…. and then market the hell out of him.

    Either way… it’s interesting. Basketball (and basketball shoe) marketing… is pretty interesting to me. I’m interested in seeing how it turns out.

  3. I agree 100% that the consumers would be more impressed with a star, but I’m sure Peak will take what it can get. A member of the gold medal Redeem Team probably suits them just fine at this point in their business model, where they probably can’t afford a current superstar.

    Even though J-Kidd isn’t a megastar, I can’t imagine how Peak went about prying J-Kidd from Nike, the biggest and richest athletic shoe company on earth. What did Peak have that they didn’t? Loads of Chinese women for J-Kidd to disrespect? Maybe that was out of line…

    Either way, as you alluded to, it will definitely be interesting to see how the basketball business in China develops as the sport (and economy) grow at rapid rates.

  4. Rest In Peace Kevin Duckworth. Too soon gone.

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