Re-Live the Glory, on Blu-ray

Watching the Celtics win the championship was amazing. Watching in HD was even better. Now we’ll get to experience the domination on Blu-ray.

Warner Home Video has announced NBA Champions 2007-2008: Boston Celtics is coming to Blu-ray Disc on November 4, marking the first-ever Blu-ray release from a major sports league.

Nothing beats a clear, crisp view of Ray Allen blowing past Sasha Vukovic in Game 4 to complete the greatest comeback in the history of the NBA.

In other news, Spurs fans have learned that Manu Ginobili will need surgery to fix his injured heel. The news is worse for the Warriors, who will w/o Monta Ellis for three months after ankle surgery. And most importantly, the man who will allegedly carry the Lakers to the title next year, is expected to be 100% by training camp.


One Response

  1. I want that 5 disc set including all the wins from the Finals to be in Blue Ray, ill get a Blue ray player just for that reason!

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