The Gambler

Former Boston Globe basketball guru turned Hoopshype blogger Peter May breaks down the genius that is Danny Ainge. May hails Ainge as a ballsy risk-taker, smart enough to cut his losses and creative enough to move them out of town. What stood out to me in this blog, was the negative aura surrounding Rajon Rondo prior to the 2007 draft:

Then, Ainge went to work to try and get Rondo, as he saw the Kentucky guard drop further and further in the first round. Finally, at No. 21, Ainge got the Suns to draft Rondo, trading a future first-rounder in a loaded draft class (2007.) Where others saw a history of conflict, a cocky kid and a guard who wasn’t anything close to a classic point guard, Ainge saw athleticism, defensive ability and intelligence, and wasn’t the least-bit put off by all the negativity emanating from Lexington, Kentucky.

“You know,’’ he said, “it isn’t always a bad thing when the player and the coach don’t see eye to eye. We interviewed a lot of people before we drafted Rajon. We heard all the stuff; he was cocky, uncoachable, all that stuff. But at the end of the day, we thought he’d be a good addition to our basketball team.”

My perception of Rondo is the exact opposite. He seems like an extremely humble kid, never seen jawing with coaches or teammates.

In other news, the Warriors aren’t believing Monta Ellis’ story about how he injured his ankle. And the Knicks traded for Patrick Ewing Jr.

And check out this crazy pool video. I say the last kid never touched the rim which doesn’t make it a dunk.


5 Responses

  1. Dwight Howard-esque, it might not have been a legit dunk but it was still sick

  2. Those pool parties are fun. I’m glad that springboard held me.

  3. quality post Chuck

  4. They’re jealous of Ainge’s lucky charms.

  5. Aingedrafts!

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