The Rebirth of JR Giddens

Boston Herald)

JR Giddens (Photo Courtesy: Boston Herald)

For a team that is returning all but 1 of its key players from last year’s regular season, the Celtics sure do seem to have a lot of question marks.  JR Giddens is one of them.  Or maybe he WAS one.

Giddens was finally, officially, signed this week… and he came to town to start working out with Bill Walker and Patrick O’Bryant (and Rajon Rondo, Tony Allen, and Glen Davis… who have already been in town).  And it didn’t take Bill Walker long to notice something about Giddens.

“I’ve seen J.R. play a lot of times. I know he’s athletic. I know he can shoot it. But I didn’t know his work ethic. Up close, you see it that he really works. That’s probably the most surprising thing.”

Scott Souza also reports that Giddens already has some new ink:  A shamrock behind his left ear.  Giddens is trying hard to get us to like him:

Giddens says he knows he’s made mistakes. But he also feels it’s time for the corrections he’s made in his life to shine through. He admits he cares about, and has worked hard to restore, his public persona and wants the developing one of him in Boston to be positive.

“Somebody may be a dog on the court – a mean guy – but off the court he’s a teddy bear. I think it’s a little bit of that effect. Out here, I’m a monster, I’m a beast, I’m all in. But off the court my friends, teammates, know I am a real nice guy.”

I’ll state again for the record… I haven’t heard a single thing since the draft that make me question why he was drafted.  I’m loving this pick more and more.

What I’m not loving, and neither is anyone else, is the new Oklahoma City Thunder logo (via Slam Online).


3 Responses

  1. why should we doubt danny. he has struck gold more often than not in the late 1st/2nd round. still would’ve loved to see CDR but jr giddens and bill walker more than make up for it. walker will be great.

  2. Isn’t that OKC logo just the Nets logo with almost nothing changed?

  3. does kinda look like that, huh? good call

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