Guys Who Just Don’t Get It

March Madness heroes Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur were thrown out of the NBA’s rookie transition program on Wednesday morning after being caught in their hotel room with marijuana and women, according to several sources. 

“The players were sent home for violating program rules,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said. “They will be appropriately sanctioned and will have to repeat the program next year.” 

Sources said Chalmers and Arthur, who starred on the Kansas Jayhawks’ 2008 NCAA championship team, were also fined $20,000 apiece and could start the regular season on the suspended list. But NBA spokesman Brian McIntyre would not confirm that.

So Chalmers and Arthur are in New York for a four-day seminar on adapting to life in the NBA when they decide to smoke some pot and party with chicks in their hotel room. They clearly hadn’t reached the point in the seminar titled “Bitches and Pot Can Ruin Careers.” If anything, I blame the NBA for not reaching out to help these kids sooner.


4 Responses

  1. Its this kinda crap that really pissess me off…..atheletes who are lucky enough/talented enough to make it to be a professional and they do shit like this!!! Time and time again we see people who dont have a clue what its like to have to work 40/50/60 hours a week to earn a paycheck to support their family…..and these idiots do dumb shit like this…….play your sport, workout, practice make your cash and have a career for 3-7 years and live off what you made during that time….why is this concept so damn hard to comprehend???? Most of us real working men would die to have the chance to get this opportunity that these guys have…..i for one wouldnt blow it on weed and bitches…….that should be the first class they have…..How to be a smart Pro………..dumbasses!

  2. Prostitutes and cocaine would be a problem. Weed and groupies seems fine to me as long as they still make it practice and try hard. What bothers me is they were stupid enough to get caught. Didn’t they learn how to towel the door at Kansas?

  3. Weed and Groupies are the gateways to Prostitution and Cocaine!

  4. good

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